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Posted on Jan 2016 in Your Money

10 simple ways to save money


Every little bit counts when you’re trying to be money conscious, particularly since it’s often the little things that can add up to big savings over time. Consider this: if you’re in the habit of picking up a breakfast sandwich twice a week to save you time in the morning on the way to work, that twice-weekly $5 meal – which seemed like a good deal at the time – adds up to $520 worth of breakfasts over the course of a year.

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with the odd splurge if you can afford it, but paying attention to those little habits and focusing on simple ways to save money can add up to great savings over time.

10 easy ways to save your hard-earned cash

  1. Check your tire pressure once a month. Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3%, which could save you roughly $0.07 per gallon. Proper tire pressure also makes them safer and longer lasting.1
  2. Turn down the heat. Yes, it’s winter and it’s cold outside, but turning your thermostat down just 3 degrees can save approximately 9% on your heating bill.2 Make sure to have your cozy blankets and warm sweaters handy, and chances are you won’t notice the difference!
  3. Stop buying bottled water. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it’s also a costly expense that adds up over time. Invest in a reusable water bottle and take advantage of the water that flows from your taps. The average cost of a bottle of water is $1.45, so if your family of four is drinking one each per day, that’s a whopping $2,117 spent on bottled water per year.3
  4. Avoid ATM fees. If you can’t find an ATM in your bank’s network, you know you’ll be paying outrageous fees to use one that isn’t. In fact, it’s possible you could be paying as much as $4.13 in fees when you use a competitor’s ATM.4 So consider withdrawing cash fee-free the next time you visit the grocery store. Just request the cash-back option when paying with your debit or credit card.
  5. Borrow DVDs for free. Check your public library’s selection of DVDs and enjoy borrowing them for free. You can also set up a DVD lending library with friends and family members and share your personal DVDs with each other. Just make sure to label yours and note who has borrowed them and when they’re returned.
  6. Refinance your mortgage. If the value of your home has risen since you bought it and interest rates have dropped, you may be able to lower your monthly mortgage payment if you refinance. Everyday Money, Foresters toll-free and confidential phone-based financial helpline, may be able to help you make important financial decisions. Visit to find out more.
  7. Use your slow cooker. Slow cooking allows you to purchase cheaper cuts of meat that end up being deliciously flavorful and tender thanks to the long, slow cooking. Check out this Membership Matters article for tips on making delicious slow cooker meals.
    Check out Martha Stewart for tips on making delicious slow cooker meals.
  8. Enjoy fun family events with Foresters. Each year Foresters offers fun events that give our members a chance to relax and connect with each other and their loved ones. Sporting events, theme parks, zoos, circuses, museums – there’s an event for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in! Our fun Foresters-sponsored events allow you and your family to enjoy quality time together without the hassle of planning or the burden of high costs.
  9. Find a good tailor. Someone who is a whiz with a needle and thread can make even inexpensive clothing look amazing on you. A tailor can also help make thrift store finds fit you perfectly.
  10. Meal plan. Decide your meals for the week and then create your shopping list accordingly. When at the grocery store, stick to your list – that way you won’t spend extra money on unnecessary items and you’ll waste less food.








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