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Posted on Dec 2017 in Your Community

That’s the spirit: giving back during the holidays

Thats the spirit

There are several different holidays being celebrated at this time of year, but the desire to help families who are less fortunate is something that they all tend to have in common.

Maybe it’s realizing how fortunate you truly are to be able to buy food for a holiday meal and a few presents to hand out to those you love, or the cold weather moving in, or a year-round commitment to charitable work that’s simply wrapping up this month. Whatever the case, giving back during the holidays is something many people set aside time and resources to do.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for charitable works, we have great ideas to help others have a wonderful holiday too.

6 ways to give back during the holidays

  1. Donate blood. Blood donations save the lives of women with complications during pregnancy and delivery, people suffering from severe trauma following man-made and natural disasters, and those undergoing complex medical and surgical procedures. It’s also critical for cancer patients and children with severe anemia. What better gift to give than the gift of life? To find blood donor clinics and book an appointment if you are in the US, visit the Red Cross, if you are in Canada visit Canadian Blood Services, and if you are in the UK visit NHS Blood and Transplant.
  2. Be an angel. If you know someone in your circle or your community who is struggling, surprise them with a gift that will help them cope with whatever life circumstance is making things difficult for them. Maybe it’s a gift card to a grocery store, or a coupon for free babysitting, or a hot, homemade meal delivered right to their front door.
  3. Let Foresters help. Visit to find out about volunteer activities in your area, and to learn more about how to apply for a Foresters Community Grant of up to $2000 that enables you to organize and lead a volunteer activity that’s meaningful to you and your community.
  4. Host a charity hot chocolate or cider stand. We’ve all bought a glass of lemonade from kids selling it during the summer, so why not set up a hot chocolate or hot cider stand for the holidays – with all proceeds going to charity, of course. This is a great way to get your children or grandchildren involved in charitable giving. Let them pick the organization they want to support so they can feel truly invested in the endeavor.
  5. Adopt a grandparent. So many seniors in assisted living and long-term care are lonely and starved for meaningful attention and connection. As heartbreaking as it sounds, some won’t have a single visitor during the holidays. Visit your local nursing home and “adopt” a grandparent that you and your children can spend time with and shower with simple, meaningful gifts.
  6. Request a different kind of gift. If you are fortunate enough to have all you need this year, consider asking those who normally give you holiday gifts to donate to a charity of your choosing instead. They may be thrilled to help you help others, plus it will simplify their to-buy-for list and save them time.

For more great ways to make the holidays more meaningful check out our article on how to spread goodwill to all this holiday season.

Happy, healthy and peaceful holidays to you and yours!


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