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Posted on Jun 2017 in Your Community

Dare yourself to do more

dare yourself to do more

Most people probably remember playing truth or dare as kids, but this is a different kind of challenge: on June 1st, dare yourself to do something good for your community this month.

As humans we feel an almost instinctive need to be part of a group—to belong to some sort of a community where there’s support, familiarity and a feeling of shared responsibility for the happiness and well-being of others. Dare Day is the perfect opportunity to make an effort to contribute something a little extra special to that group.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money; everyone around you will feel the impact of even a small, simple gesture. Go at it alone or gather friends and family members and dare to make a difference in the little world around you.

Consider these ideas when planning your dare:

  • Support a local merchant. It’s important to patronize independent stores (many of which are often owned and run by people living within your community) because it keeps those businesses healthy and thriving. It also gives you another chance to get to know the locals.
  • Participate in a community event. Check notice boards in your building or community center to find out about fun events in which you might want to participate!
  • Volunteer. Lend a hand with projects happening in your community, like food or clothing drives, neighborhood beautification initiatives or even Foresters playground builds. Visit com to see what volunteer opportunities are available in your neck of the woods!
  • Support a neighbor in need. If you know someone who has had a rough time due to illness, loss or another difficult life event, offer your support. Drop by with a ready-made meal or home-baked treat, offer to babysit, offer to drive to medical appointments, offer to do some yard work, take care of some chores around their home, or simply lend an ear.
  • Organize a charitable event for a community organization. As a Foresters member, you can apply for a Foresters Community Grant that allows you to plan a local activity for your family and other Foresters members, creating an exciting and very personal volunteer opportunity. Foresters provides up to $2,000 in funding, as well as tools and resources to help ensure that member activities are successful. For more information, visit com.
  • Organize a block or street party. What better way to bring your community together than by sharing hot dogs and cold drinks under a warm summer sky?
  • Beautify. Pick up trash, plant a garden in a community space (with permission, of course), or clean up graffiti.
  • Step outside and say hello! Make an effort to meet your neighbors in person. Perhaps take an after dinner stroll and make a point of stopping to have a short conversation with at least one person you meet along the way.

Reaching out and contributing to your community in meaningful ways is, of course, good for the people around you. But it can also be good for you. You may meet new people, make new friends, strengthen the bonds you have with family and friends, get more exercise, and even learn skills when you dare to make a difference.


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