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Posted on Oct 2016 in You, Community

You’ve been boo’d!

you-have-been boo'd

When it comes to Halloween, obviously the big night is October 31. But you can start celebrating early – and spread a little mystery and cheer in your neighborhood while you’re at it – by putting together “boo kits” for a few lucky recipients in your community.

A boo kit is a fun Halloween care package filled with treats that you anonymously leave on a neighbor’s door or porch. Included in the boo kit is a note saying, “You’ve been boo’d!” with instructions for the recipient to carry on the fun by booing two more houses in the ‘hood, if they so choose. The kit also includes a little sign designed to let prospective booers know that the house has already been boo’d so it doesn’t get hit twice. That way more homes can share in the fun.

This is a great activity to enjoy with children or grandchildren because they can be involved in every step, from choosing what to put in the boo kit to picking which homes to boo. You can choose to boo friends or family members, or spread the Halloween love to strangers or people who have recently moved into the neighborhood. It’s a great way to show that community spirit is alive and well on your street or in your building.

What goes into a boo kit?

Boo kits can be as simple or as complex as you like, but they should always be small enough to hang on a door, tuck into a mailbox, or leave on a porch. It’s really more about the fun and mystery than what’s inside the kit anyway, after all, so they don’t need to be huge or cost at lot to put together. Remember not to put any homemade treats into your boo kit (unless you know the people you are booing and you identify yourselves when you leave your kit), and avoid really scary or gory Halloween items.

Dollar stores are great places to shop for boo kit contents, since they tend to have lots of Halloween décor, treats, and other fun items that are small enough to tuck into a little bag.

Boo kit ideas

  • Wrapped Halloween candy
  • Halloween stickers
  • Halloween activity books with crayons or markers
  • A homemade Halloween card
  • An inexpensive gift card for a coffee shop
  • Small boxes of tea or coffee
  • Hand cream or soap
  • Fun Halloween décor, like small candles or paper pumpkin cutouts
  • Small games or toys, especially if they are Halloween themed

If you know the family you’re booing, you can customize the kit with items you know they’ll enjoy and make sure there’s something in the bag for everyone in the house (even pets, if they have any).

Boo kit printables

Check out Been Booed, Pic Monkey, and Organized Christmas for free boo poems, instructions, and signs you can print out and include in your boo kit.

This is a fun tradition to start in your neighborhood, and with luck before the sun sets on October 31, you’ll end up being boo’d right back!

Have fun!


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