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Posted on Feb 2017 in You

Show your library some love


If it’s been a while since you last visited your local library, February is the perfect month to renew your acquaintance. You obviously already know that these quiet sanctuaries are filled to the rafters with books, but did you know that local libraries also often have:

  • A selection of CDs, DVDs, eBooks and Blu-Ray discs that you can borrow free of charge
  • Community events throughout the year
  • Special programs for adults, teens, and children that may include things like book clubs, local history groups, newcomers groups, and other special interest programs, classes, and meetings
  • Rooms that you can rent for personal gatherings or community events that you’re organizing
  • Reading aids for those with visual impairments
  • Computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers that library-card holders can use
  • Current government resources and legal information
  • A wealth of resources and information that you can access online
  • Book readings by local authors

So in addition to being quiet, comfortable places you can go to be surrounded by like-minded knowledge lovers, libraries are also a vital part of a healthy, connected community.

While libraries are filled with free resources that are yours for the borrowing, you might be thinking that it’s just as easy to stay home and search for that same information online. You certainly could, but don’t forget that libraries are staffed by knowledgeable professionals who are trained to help you track down information you’re searching for – especially obscure stuff that it could take you hours or days to find on your own. Not only that, they can recommend a great book you might enjoy reading, or hook you up with a community group that you’ll fit right into.

The best way to celebrate Library Lover’s Month is to take a stroll down to your local branch and pop in to see what’s new. February 4th is Take Your Child to the Library Day, so bring along your child or grandchild if you’re heading out that day.

Supporting your local library is a great way to help keep your community strong, and all the wonderful things your library can offer you in the process makes the effort a win-win situation.


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