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Posted on Dec 2016 in You

Repurposing the holidays


People send and receive greeting cards all year long, but at this time of year we often find our mailboxes stuffed with beautiful cards wishing us all the best of the holiday season. Some people throw out greeting cards once the event or season is over, but often we put them in drawers or boxes because they’re too pretty or we’re too sentimental to simply toss them out. Eventually those drawers and boxes are bulging at the seams! So what’s a sentimental, card-loving person to do? Repurpose the holidays!

December 9 is Christmas Card Day, the perfect day to start dreaming up creative ideas for all those greeting cards you’ve got tucked away – and all the ones that are probably starting to arrive in the mail.

Getting crafty

If you don’t want to cut up a card that has particular sentimental value, one of the simplest ways to save it is to pop it into an inexpensive frame and hang it on your wall. That way you can see it everyday, and it will remind you of the person who sent it and the special bond you share. This is a particularly nice thing to do with older cards that were sent by someone who is no longer with you. Having their loving message and signature written in their own hand is something you’ll always treasure.

If you don’t mind cutting up your old cards, there are some gorgeous and fun ways to turn them into new works of art to beautify your home – or to give as gifts!

Better Homes and Gardens has 18 incredible ideas for recycling old cards into beautiful new treasures, here are a few of them:

Did you know you can also make a small gift or trinket box out of just one greeting card? These are the perfect size for gift cards, jewelry, and other small gifts. Check out WikiHow for step-by-step instructions.

Old greeting cards also make great bookmarks. Simply cut your cards into strips roughly 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, punch a hole in the top, and add a decorative tassel made of yarn, ribbon or embroidery floss. These homemade bookmarks are fun to tuck into new greeting cards that you send to family and friends through the year.

Looking for a thrifty way to send seasonal greetings? Simply cut off the front part of an old greeting card and use it as a postcard – no envelope required!

If you have young children attending your holiday dinners, old cards can help keep them occupied at the table. Cut the front of a card into puzzle-shaped pieces, tuck all the pieces into a sandwich bag and give each child a simple, small puzzle to solve while dinner is being cleared up and dessert is being prepped.

Greeting cards don’t have to be stuffed in drawers or tossed into the trash. With a little time and creativity they can go on to enjoy a beautiful second life!

Have fun!


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