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Posted on Jun 2017 in You

Beat the post-vacation blues

Beat the post vacation blues

We look forward to summer vacation all year long, but for some people, coming home and getting back into a normal routine can be a bit of a struggle. Returning to all the responsibilities they happily left behind sabotages the good vibes they experienced while they were away, making getting back into the swing of things challenging.

Going on vacation is certainly worth a few days of post-vacation letdown – everyone needs a break from reality every now and then – so the trick is finding ways to ease back into your everyday life, and maybe even keep a little of the vacation spirit alive.

  • Take an extra day off. Between packing, getting to the airport at the crack of dawn, and running to catch connections, travel can be exhausting. If you’ve been away, cutting your stay by one day, or tacking one extra day onto your vacation that you spend at home, can help you reintegrate. That buffer day will give you time to sleep in, unpack, get your vacation laundry done, and just relax before you have to jump back into your regular routine.
  • Get some sleep. Jet lag is temporary, but it can be a real issue depending upon how off your regular schedule you are. WebMD has eleven great tips for coping with jet lag, including things you can do both before you leave and after you come home.
  • Think ahead. Tidy your house and tuck a freezer meal into the fridge before you leave. You’ll thank yourself when you return to a clean home and a meal you don’t have to prepare! If you’re only going away for a short amount of time, stock your fridge with essentials so you don’t have to do a grocery run the minute you return home.
  • Make new plans. If you’re concerned that a return to reality will seem boring after the adventures you’ve just had, start making new plans the minute you land. Either begin to plan your next getaway, or schedule some fun social events for you and your family. Don’t forget that as a Foresters Financial member you are eligible to enjoy our community volunteer events that are an amazing opportunity for you and your family to reconnect at little to no cost. Visit ( for more information and to find events near you.
  • Preserve your memories. Chances are you took a ton of photos and collected some great souvenirs while you were away. Relive the fun by creating a scrapbook, photo collage or photo book. Did you know you can create online scrapbooks for free through sites like Cliptomize and Canva?
  • Do something new. Part of the appeal of a vacation is that you’re experiencing new things and stimulating your brain in new and exciting ways. Keep the momentum going by picking up a new hobby or starting a new activity upon your return. Get your family members or friends involved and make it extra fun and social.

Returning home from a great vacation is actually a good time to look at what you might want to consider changing in your everyday life, especially if you really find yourself dreading a return to “normal.”

Perhaps it’s time to ask for a raise, seek a new position in your company, or find a new job. Maybe you need to ask your spouse or children to pitch in more at home, or maybe you need to completely purge and declutter your house to make it a space you truly enjoy. You might even consider finding fulfillment by getting more involved in volunteer work.

Whatever you choose to do, looking for productive and healthy ways to ease the letdown you may feel when you return from vacation is a good approach to this pretty common problem.


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