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Posted on Jul 2016 in You

A simple way to change the world


When we reach a certain age we often start thinking about what kind of legacy we’re leaving to future generations. Often we think in terms of financial security and material things we can pass on to family members. Foresters FinancialTM is always here to help you plan for your family’s future, but never underestimate the value of leaving behind a good example for others to follow too.

That’s what Simplicity Day is all about. The intent of this summer celebration is to encourage and inspire people everywhere to become more aware of the natural world around us, to enjoy the simpler things that life has to offer, and to strive to achieve a better overall balance in life. The idea is that in order to live in balance we need to become more ecologically aware, be more frugal with our consumption, and focus on personal growth.1

The idea of living more simply can mean different things to different people, so think about what it means to you and what areas of your life you could simplify, and just go from there. But don’t go it alone! Share your journey with friends, family members, and people in your community. Tell them what changes you’re making and invite them to join you. That’s how you will be able to inspire others to find balance and harmony in their own lives.


Ways to live a simpler, more balanced life:

  • Put your electronics away. Not forever, but just for a while. Designate device-free zones (like the dinner table) and aim to have at least one hour of daily screen-free time with your family so you can give each other your undivided attention and reconnect at the end of each day.
  • Declutter your home. Have a look at each room in your house with a critical eye and determine if there are unwanted or unused items that you can purge from your home. Chances are you have a lot of things that you can toss out or donate to those in need. Read our article on decluttering for tips and strategies to help you get started.
  • Plant some vegetables. There is something so satisfying about growing food to help sustain your family, in part because it’s something that humans have been doing for hundreds of years and it connects us to the traditions of those who came before us. Starting a small food garden is a wonderful way to slow down and reconnect with the earth while providing your family with fresh, healthy produce. Check out Better Homes and Gardens for tips on how to grow a vegetable garden.
  • Quiet your mind. We are busy people with hectic schedules and many responsibilities, which is why our brains can sometimes feel completely overloaded. Consider giving meditation a try. Just a few minutes of solitary, quiet meditation can set you on the right path for the rest of your day by helping to fight stress, boost your creativity, and decrease anxiety. It’s a simple practice that can make a big difference. Read all about it here.
  • Use your body to quiet your mind. A healthy, active body helps keep us in balance too, and yoga – an ancient form of exercise involving stretching and holding various poses – is a fantastic workout for both mind and body. Find out more about the physical and mental benefits of this practice, and how to get started in our article on yoga.
  • Learn to say no. You can’t be everywhere or do everything for everyone. Sometimes you just have to say no in order to maintain your own sense of well-being. Read our tips on how to refuse invitations, work requests and demands that are just too much for you to handle.

You can teach your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews a lot about how to live a balanced life by taking steps to make your own life simpler and more harmonious. Inspiring others to make the most of their one, precious life is one of the most important gifts you can give to the ones you love. Celebrate Simplicity Day by taking that first step towards a simpler and more enjoyable life.





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