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Posted on May 2019 in Wellness

Articles to help you live your very best life at any age!


Five of our favorite articles to help you live your very best life at any age!


Staying healthy at every age

Living a healthy life is something we all strive to achieve, and there are some simple lifestyle adjustments you can make to improve your health no matter how old you are. These include taking precautions during cold and flu seasons, taking care of your teeth, eating wholesome foods, managing your stress and anxiety, and getting regular exercise. But there are specific things you should be aware of at different ages and stages in your life, and tests and screenings you should be having done. Read to find out more.

3 simple ways to be mindful

“Mindfulness” is a term you may have heard in relation to the practices of meditation and yoga. In fact, mindfulness is a form of meditation, but it’s probably the simplest and easiest kind to do – so much so that you can incorporate it into just about every part of your day. That’s because mindfulness is simply bringing your full attention to whatever is happening in the present moment. Find out how to start your own mindfulness practice.

5 ways to deal with stress

A periodic body scan can’t tell you everything about how you’re handling stress, but it’s a good way to gauge your reaction to whatever life happens to be throwing at you throughout the course of your day. It’s also a good reminder to take a moment to pause, relax, breathe deeply, and spend a few minutes unwinding. If you believe you or someone you love is impacted by chronic stress, here are 5 ways to help you deal with it more effectively.

Sleep like a baby when you’re all grown up

It may not be possible to turn back the clock and sleep like we did when we were teenagers, but try these tips if you’re craving a good night’s sleep.

Go on a wellness retreat without leaving home

Spa weekends are a great way to practice self-care, but spa treatments can cost a small fortune – let alone meals and accommodation at a spa. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wonderful spa weekend right at home! We have some tips for carving out that time and space, as well as inexpensive homemade spa treatments you can treat yourself to.

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