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Posted on Oct 2016 in Senior Wellness

Seniors, it’s your day!


On December 14, 1990 the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons. Designed to raise awareness about issues affecting the elderly such as elder abuse and the mental and physical challenges that can come with aging, it’s also a day to recognize and appreciate the incredible contributions that seniors make to our lives and to society at large.

We are living longer and more vibrantly than ever before, so seniors are able to have an even greater impact on the lives of loved ones, friends, and the people in their communities by sharing their time, talents, and wisdom. It’s a gift for which we should all be incredibly grateful.

Let’s celebrate!

If you’re a senior, make sure to mark the day by celebrating you!

  • Grab your seniors discount card and make the most of a trip to the mall, museum, theater, or your favorite restaurant.
  • Gather with your fellow friends-of-a-certain-age and celebrate together with a lunch out or a fabulous potluck dinner.
  • Commit to growing old with gusto by checking out our article that explores wonderful ways to live actively and joyfully as you age.
  • Take a stroll down memory lane. Break out the old photo albums or home movies and invite family members to join you for an evening of reminiscing.
  • Treat yourself to something special, be it a manicure, new book, a walk to your favorite coffee shop for a yummy indulgence, or permission to sleep in and do nothing at all!
  • Prove that age is only a number and try something new! Register for a course, learn a new language, or take up a new hobby.

If you know and love a senior, mark the day by committing to making their lives happier and healthier.

  • Be an advocate for an older family member or friend. Check their homes to make sure they’re safe and accessible, accompany them to doctor’s appointments to ensure they are receiving the best care possible, and make sure their cupboards and refrigerators are stocked with fresh, healthy food or freezer meals you’ve prepared yourself.
  • Check in on an elderly friend or family member who may not receive many visitors. If you’re unable to visit, call for a long chat or send a little care package to brighten their day and let them know you care.
  • Encourage older family members to stay active, eat well, visit the doctor regularly, and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Remind the older folks in your life that they are never too old to make a difference. Share our article that demonstrates the important ways they can continue to make positive contributions in their communities.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to older folks who walked before us and paved the way. On October 1, make sure to take time to let them know how much you love and appreciate them for who they are and what they’ve contributed to your life, their community, and to the world.


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