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Posted on Jul 2016 in Foresters Member Benefits

Leading the way


Foresters is committed to developing strong leaders. That’s why each year, our elected member leaders are invited to participate in an annual Leadership Development Conference (LDC). Designed to enhance both personal and professional growth, the conference brings together passionate Foresters members who are all connected by one global organization across three countries and two continents.

The LDC attracts more than 500 participants (including all elected volunteer leaders, Board of Directors, staff, and other invited guests). This year’s group descended upon the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 9 – 12.

The theme of the 2016 LDC was Empowering People, Inspiring Communities (EPIC). Our member leaders bring a variety of skills and experiences that they apply in their roles to drive Foresters success. Because of the training provided at the LDC, our member leaders are empowered to inspire their communities to grow and become stronger. It’s an epic partnership indeed!

How do we make that happen? During the course of the conference, member leaders are provided with:

  • Energy and inspiration. The LDC offers a forum for member leaders to learn about operational updates and Foresters plans for the future. The conference energizes attendees and provides inspiration that carries over into their own lives, jobs and communities. Attendees learn new skills and competencies, explore their knowledge about Foresters, and expand their personal and professional networks – all of which help to develop their leadership potential.
  • Professional development. Member leaders participate in various professional development sessions in order to hone their skills and gain valuable experience. Expert guests provided workshop sessions covering the following topics:
    • Effective leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Storytelling
    • Productivity
    • Delegation
    • Financial literacy
    • Networking
    • Problem solving
  • Access to incredible keynote speakers. National speaker, workplace expert, and improvisational humourist Joel Zeff shared valuable insights with member leaders. Joel discussed strategies for staying in the game, working in the moment, and helping each other be successful by asking one very important question: “How may I help the people around me become more successful?”
  • Networking opportunities. Member leaders from Canada, the US, and the UK are able to meet face-to-face to exchange ideas, share information, and meet on a Branch, Regional, and global level.

We’re already looking forward to the 2017 LDC with excitement where dedicated member leaders will join us again for another weekend of personal and professional growth. For more information about becoming a Foresters member leader, visit

LDC presentation:
LDC presentation 1

LDC presentation 2

LDC presentation 3

413930D CAN/US (07/16)

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