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Posted on Mar 2016 in Your Community, Foresters Member Benefits, Community

Finding purpose in your life

It aint over

Sometimes when we reach a certain age it can feel as though we are no longer as useful as we once were. Our children are raised, perhaps we’re retired, and the world just doesn’t seem to need us quite the same way it used to.

This is, of course, nonsense. Older members of our communities have skills and experience that they have honed over a lifetime, and their wisdom, time, and energy is very much needed in this hurting world. Slowing down does not mean stopping, so don’t be discouraged just yet. Here are five ways you can continue to make positive contributions in your community.

  1. Save a life. Donate blood, sign your organ donor card, take a CPR course through The Red Cross or another local organization, or volunteer your time with a humanitarian agency. Visit the Council on Foreign Relations (US), or Global Affairs Canada (CAN) for more information on humanitarian organizations that need your help.
  2. Join a study. Your opinion matters and marketing companies want to hear them. They usually even provide a small compensation for your time and effort. Because seniors tend to have more flexible time during the day, they are ideal candidates to taste-test new foods, try products, and take surveys. You could also speak to your doctor about enrolling in a health study to help researches look at issues related to aging. A quick online search for “join a study” can yield lots of interesting opportunities.
  3. Help new immigrants. Thanks to the generosity and openness of countries around the world, there may be brand new citizens living in your community. These people and their children may need help learning English and getting used to life in a brand new country. Do some research to find out what social agencies or refugee support organizations in your community are doing to help local refugees, and see how you can help too. Even simply befriending a refugee family and offering emotional support during their traumatic time of adjustment is invaluable.
  4. Stand up for what you believe in. If there’s a cause or charity close to your heart, become an advocate to help support it. You could organize a fundraiser, start a petition or contact government officials – whatever is necessary to help make a change for the better. Visit Retired Brains for a list of organizations that need your help.
  5. Be kind. Start a random act of kindness movement in your community. Encourage others to follow your lead and watch for the small, but beautiful changes that happen when people look for ways to be kind every day. Visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation for ideas and inspiration to help you change your world.

Foresters can also help you make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others via Foresters Community Grants. This unique member benefit enables members to apply online for grants of up to $2,500 to organize and lead a volunteer activity that’s meaningful to them and important in their community. You could put together care kits for women’s shelters, make meals at your local Ronald McDonald House, clean up parks and play spaces or support a food bank. Just visit for all the information you need to get started.

You’re never too old to make a difference in the world because there’s always someone who needs you and the skills, time, care, and love you have to offer. For more ideas on how find purpose in your life visit Everything Zoomer.


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