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Posted on Nov 2016 in Foresters Member Benefits, Community

Branch elections results!


As a Foresters member, every year you have a right to be heard, the power to improve your community, and the ability to influence how our programs and resources can benefit your family, friends, and neighbors.


You do it all simply by casting your vote in Foresters Branch Elections and choosing the Foresters members who you believe will best represent you in your local community. The Branch Councillors you vote for each year play an important role in Foresters governance structure as they help guide how Foresters programs and resources are used to make a positive impact in your local community.


This year 18,801 of you exercised your all-important right to vote. In fact, it was the highest voter turnout since 2012! Twenty-six Branches went to voting and 32% of your votes were cast online.


The highest voting Branches were:


  • Central North Canada
  • British Columbia
  • South Central and Eastern Ontario

United States

  • Kansas-Colorado
  • West Central
  • Central Plains

United Kingdom

  • Central UK
  • Yorkshire and East Midlands
  • North West England and North Wales


Thank you again for using your voice to help to steer the direction of our member-led organization, and for helping to influence what happens in your very own community. To find your local elected leaders simply visit


414356D  CAN/US (11/16)

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