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Posted on Feb 2017 in Food and Recipes

Warm up your morning


You probably remember your mom telling you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but maybe she didn’t tell you why. The reason is simple: as the name suggests, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period and replenishes the supply of glucose and other important nutrients that your body needs to keep your energy levels up through the day.1

Eating healthy, whole food (food that has been processed as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances) is the best way to start the day. In February, when it’s still cold enough to want a little something warm in your tummy before you head out the door, try making that healthy breakfast a hot one in celebration of National Hot Breakfast Month.

You may think you don’t have time to cook breakfast, but it takes less than five minutes to make toast and scramble up an egg. Of course on days when you have the luxury of more time to cook in the morning, you can be even more extravagant with your fast-breaking feast.

Check out these tummy-warming breakfast suggestions:

Quick hot breakfast ideas

  • Make use of your microwave. Make a batch of crustless mini quiches, apple streusel pancake bars, or oatmeal clafoutis on the weekend when you have a little extra time, then pull them out of the freezer and give them a quick zap for a hot, nourishing breakfast during the week.
  • Make quick-cooking meals. Scrambled eggs take just a couple of minutes – in fact you can make toast in about the same amount of time it takes for the eggs to cook. If you like oatmeal, look for “quick” or “instant” rolled oats. They usually don’t take more than about 3 minutes to cook. Add some fresh berries and maybe a drizzle of honey on top of your bowl of oatmeal to make a comforting, nutritious, and delicious hot meal.
  • Think beyond oatmeal. There are other grains you can use to make porridge. Polenta (or grits), Cream of Wheat (enriched with egg and vanilla), Quinoa , and even rice (reheated with a little milk and a sprinkle of sugar) are all equally delicious.

Weekend hot breakfast ideas

Pancakes, French toast, breakfast casseroles, frittatas and waffles are probably best saved for the weekends when you have more time to prep and cook because no one is rushing out the door at the crack of dawn. So take the time to make a feast for the family and enjoy starting your day together at the kitchen table.

  • Check out Today’s Parent for 11 satisfying hot breakfast ideas including blueberry cream cheese French toast, fancy eggs and toast cups, and ham and cheese waffles.
  • Popsugar has 28 hot and healthy breakfast recipes including Mexican breakfast casserole, baked tomato frittata, and pumpkin pancakes.
  • Try one of Buzzfeed’s 24 breakfast bowl ideas including maple brown sugar sweet potato oatmeal, savory oatmeal and a soft cooked egg, and quinoa brunch bowls with egg and avocado.

If you’re someone who tends to grab doughnuts on the run – or who skips breakfast all together – why not challenge yourself to get back into the habit of having a healthy, hot breakfast this month.






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