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Posted on Mar 2017 in Food and Recipes

Forgo the green eggs and ham


They say everyone is a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but real Irish folks don’t actually go in for green beer, green mashed potatoes, and green eggs on this special day. For citizens of the Emerald Isle, St. Patrick’s Day is more about honoring their beloved Patron Saint by going to Mass than it is wearing green hats and temporary shamrock tattoos.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day any way you choose – and we have some fun suggestions here – but this year you might want to party like the Irish and cook up an authentic Irish meal to share with your friends and family members on March 17.

One of the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meals is Irish bacon and cabbage, a simple dish of braised cabbage paired with bacon that has been boiled, then studded with cloves, covered in brown sugar, and browned in the oven.

It’s fun to explore the culinary traditions of other countries by experimenting in your very own kitchen. Since traditional Irish recipes tend to be pretty simple and straightforward with just a few well-chosen ingredients, they aren’t too complicated or complex – just hearty and delicious.

You might have already decided on Irish bacon and cabbage, but have a look at these other traditional Irish meals, sides and desserts when you’re planning your own St. Patrick’s Day feast:

Starters and sides



For more information about the traditional foods of Ireland visit, and for a host of other delicious Irish recipes go to Ireland’s Eye.

In the meantime, mora na maidine dhuit (which means, top of the morning to you!).


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