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Posted on Jan 2017 in Food and Recipes

Easy as pie


Cake may have monopolized the birthday industry, but what about the humble pie? After all, pies have been around since the ancient Egyptians, which means humans have been enjoying pie in some form or another for more than 6000 years. Maybe it’s because they started out being a convenient way to enjoy savory fillings (early on the crust was simply a vehicle to hold the filling and not meant to be eaten), but whatever the reason, pies are now a mainstay of the dessert world – and we also still love filling them with meat, eggs and other savory items too.

In fact, pies are so universally loved that they have their very own day celebrated on January 23. Take that, cake!

If you want to make something special for your sweetie pie on January 23, we have some great tips, recipes, and suggestions for celebrating National Pie Day.

The perfect crust

Some people find the idea of making their own piecrust daunting, but this short video demonstrates that it’s really a simple process and well worth the minimal effort. Just four ingredients and about 10 minutes is all it takes to make a delicious crust for your homemade pie.

Of course if time is an issue or you really just want to get to the fun of the filling, you can purchase store-bought pie dough in your freezer section.

All about the filling!

You may have a tried and true recipe that’s your go-to when you’re in the mood for pie, but if you want to expand your repertoire, a quick search online yields literally thousands of different pie recipes to choose from. We’ve picked a few sites to help you get started:

Sweet pies

Savory pies

Unique pies

How to celebrate National Pie Day

Obviously the best way to celebrate is to eat pie – even if it’s one you bought from your local grocery store or bakery. But here are some other sweet ways to celebrate:

  • Invite someone you love over for a pie-baking day. Work together to make as many pies as you can, then split the fruits of your labor and fill your freezer with delicious dinners and desserts for the coming weeks and months.
  • Serve a pie-only meal. Start with mini quiches as your appetizer, move on to a savory pie like Tortiére or chicken pot pie for the entre, then finish with your favorite sweet pie for dessert.
  • Share a pie. Drop off a pie at your local fire department, take one to a new neighbor to welcome them to the neighborhood, or give one to someone who has been struggling in some way and could use a little homemade comfort.
  • Donate a pie. Make and deliver homemade pies to your local Ronald McDonald House (CAN) (US) and help make a difference in the day of families who are staying at the House to be close to the hospital where their sick child is being treated.

Sharing food is a wonderful way to share love, so consider making National Pie Day a day with friends and family, and a day for giving to others.



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