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Posted on Oct 2018 in Feature, Online Savvy

Staying safe and secure online

How to protect personal information online

The online world is an amazing place filled with unique opportunities to connect with others, purchase goods and services, complete financial transactions, share images, and learn more about the incredible world around us. Most of the time all of these things can be done safely and securely by following a few simple precautions; but those precautions are critical to take.

Over the years we have presented several different articles designed to help you navigate the digital landscape while protecting your privacy and safety. We’ve compiled a “best of” list here to help you brush up on your online safety.

Online banking. Read this article for tips on safer online banking including how to create strong passwords, keep your computer secure and up-to-date, be email savvy, bank from the comfort of your home and monitor your accounts.

Entering contests and sweepstakes. This article includes a list of things you should look for in order to determine whether or not an online contest is legitimate – because sometimes things that seem too good to be true, are.

Credit card safety. If you are still wary of using your credit card to purchase goods or services online, this article will give you steps to take to ensure that your online shopping experience is as safe as possible.

Navigating Facebook. You may love the idea of Facebook, but want to ensure that you share only as much as you intend to. This article will help you figure out how to set your privacy settings so you can relax and enjoy your Facebook experience. You may also want to check out our article on Facebook etiquette to make sure you don’t inadvertently offend or upset a friend or family member while you’re spending time online.

Donating to charities. Donating online is a quick and simple way to support charities and organizations that mean a lot to you. Read this article to find out about precautions you should take to ensure that your privacy isn’t compromised while you’re doing a good deed.

Online bullying. It’s a different world than the one most of us grew up in, so if you have a child or teenager, check out this article on how to recognize and deal with cyber bullying.

Email privacy. We send a lot of personal and even sensitive information via email. This article will help you make sure that your email account is secure.

For more Foresters articles designed to make your online experience as safe and as enjoyable as possible, check out the Online Savvy category under Topics at the right hand side of the page.

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