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Posted on Dec 2016 in Feature, Foresters Member Benefits, You

Spread goodwill to all


Whether you’re celebrating Mawlid, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza this month, love is at the heart of the holidays. It’s why we gather with family and friends, why we share meals and gifts, and why we’re inclined to reach out to others at this special time of year.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to truly make the most of the season—and to experience its real magic—is by helping others. Finding ways to support those in need during the holidays is a wonderful way to bring peace and fulfillment into your own life. It’s also a good way to demonstrate the value of charity and selflessness to your children and grandchildren at a time of the year when they may be more focused on what they’re getting than what they can give.

Your good deeds don’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time—unless you have lots of both to spare. They can just be small, simple acts of kindness that come straight from your heart.

Here are some ideas of ways you can give back this season:

  • Make a holiday hamper for a needy family in your area. Collect non-perishable food items that will enable a family to cook a special holiday meal. You could even tuck a grocery store gift card inside the hamper so the family can purchase meat and other perishable items.
  • Make cookies at your local Ronald McDonald House. Foresters Financial™ has been proud to work with individual Ronald McDonald Houses across North American for the past decade, supporting thousands of children and their families. Visit MyForesters to find out more about our Cookies with Care activity.
  • Organize a new-toy drive for a local hospital, shelter, or children’s charity. This is an especially great activity for kids to get involved in.
  • Make care kits for a women’s shelter, maternity home, or homeless shelter; or provide food and other supplies to a food bank with our help. Foresters Community Grants provide members with the resources and financial support needed to independently organize a volunteer event that’s meaningful to your and your community. For more information visit
  • Pay a visit to a senior who may not have many visitors over the holidays. You could also drop off or send flowers or a gift basket to a local nursing home with instructions to give it to a resident who needs a little pick-me-up.
  • Adopt a family through The Salvation Army (CANU.S.), so a needy family can have the kind of Christmas they otherwise couldn’t afford.
  • Volunteer to serve dinner at a homeless shelter.
  • Celebrate Mitten Tree Day by organizing a mitten drive.
  • Put a grocery store gift card into a Christmas card and anonymously mail it to a friend or neighbour who you know is facing some financial difficulties.
  • Think about a friend or family member who has struggled with loss this year. Consider offering to help out with their holiday responsibilities, since they may not have the energy to do much themselves this year. Share some of your special baking, or offer to mail their Christmas cards, decorate their tree, deliver some gifts or cook part of their holiday meal.

At Foresters Financial, we believe in doing more – for you, your family, and your community. We are thankful to have so many dedicated members who are as committed as we are to making a difference in the lives of families and the communities where they live. Whatever charitable cause you decide to support this holiday season, know that your efforts and generosity will be appreciated by the people who are directly impacted by your act of kindness.

Happy Holidays!


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