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Posted on Jul 2016 in Family and Friends, Your Family

They don’t call you “Grand” for nothing!


Once you get over the shock of realizing you really are old enough to have a child who is having a child, the joy of knowing you’re going to become a grandparent settles in and stays forever. And what a joy it is!

Have you ever stopped to count the blessings that grandparenthood brings? We did, and here’s what we think are the top five most wonderful things about being called Grandma or Grandpa.

  1. You can give them back. When you have a child, you’re responsible for his/her well-being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you have a grandchild it’s more about cuddles, smiles, fun visits, and sending them back home at the end of the day. Those tantrums are someone else’s problem!
  2. You get to be a kid again. Without the heavy responsibility that comes with parenting you can focus on having fun and experiencing life through the eyes of a little one. You can get your hands dirty and make toilet roll birdfeeders, butterfly feeders, or cardboard fairy houses – and no one ever has to know you’re having just as much fun as the little ones!
  3. You can re-read the classics. Remember those sweet times when you cuddled up with your own children and read them to sleep? You get to do it all again with their children now. Pull out once-upon-a-time favorites and see if they end up being as loved today as they were when your kids were young. Visit for their list of the 11 best bedtimes stories.
  4. You’ll always have an excuse to bake. Grandma and Grandpa’s house always smells extra good because there’s usually a treat in the oven. If your grandkids are old enough, baking with them is a fun way to spend time together. Check out Robin Hood for some great recipes you can bake with kids.
  5. You will be adored. Lets face it – Grandma and Grandpa are rock stars. They’re better than Mom and Dad only because they let rules slide, they’re super good at spoiling, they usually make all your favorites, and they are liberal with the hugs and kisses.

There are many sweet reasons why being a grandparent is wonderful, but studies have shown that strong bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren is also good for the mental health of all involved – even when the grandkids are all grown up! Researchers from the Institute on Aging at Boston College discovered that both generations showed a reduced risk of depression if they shared a strong relationship.1 In addition to that, grandparents can benefit from the additional tangible help they often receive from adult grandchildren – like rides to and from appointments and help around the house or garden.

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is incredibly precious, so embrace this stage of your life with open arms and treasure all the special joys that come with being a “grand.”

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