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Posted on Nov 2016 in Family and Friends

Shower a first-time grandparent with love


Having a first child is a momentous event for a young couple. In the midst of baby naming, nursery preparing, and doctor visits, family and friends mark the milestone and help celebrate the new addition by throwing the mom-to-be a baby shower. Baby showers are typically meant to help the new mom get everything she needs for her new little one, knowing she’s starting from scratch. But they are also a beautiful demonstration of the circle of support and love a new mom has.


Of course parents aren’t the only ones eagerly awaiting those ten little fingers and ten little toes! For first-time grandparents, anticipating the joys of grandparenthood and imagining what it will be like to see that little bundle for the very first time are all-consuming activities during those long nine months of waiting.


Having a grandchild is a precious and important milestone, so why not shower a set of first-time grandparents-to-be that you know with a little love by surprising them with a grandparent shower!


Gifts for a first-time grandparent

You can go for practical or sentimental where gifts are concerned, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Even just a small token gift is a lovely way to say congratulations. Consider these gift ideas for the new grandparents:

  • Photo albums or frames for all those photos they’ll be taking.
  • A beautiful volume of classic bedtimes stories, or grandparent-themed storybooks. Visit for 16 storybooks about grandparents.
  • A “How-to” book that might be helpful to new grandparents as they settle into their role. Check out Grandparents Weekly for a great list of useful books. An “emergency kit” filled with diapers, pacifiers, and other important items that mom and dad could forget or run out of while at grandma and grandpa’s house.
  • A baby swing or playpen to make their house feel like home to the new little one.
  • Freezer meals they can pull out and heat up during those first few weeks when they will likely be spending lots of time visiting or helping to care for the wee one.
  • A decorative journal so grandma and grandpa can write down all the baby’s firsts, and any special stories they want to remember and share with their grandchild when he or she is all grown up.

What to serve at the shower

Traditional baby showers are usually luncheons with finger sandwiches, tea, and small sweets. But since a grandparent shower is non-traditional, anything goes! Think about the grandparents-to-be; consider their lifestyle, schedule, habits, and likes and dislikes before choosing a time, place, and a menu. Maybe it’s cocktails and finger food, maybe it’s a potluck dinner, or maybe it’s a breakfast or brunch.


You could host in your own home, book a party room at a restaurant, or even have the shower at the home of the grandparents-to-be, as long as they know in advance (because not many people enjoy a surprise party showing up on their front porch unannounced!).


How to decorate

Once again, take the personality of the grandparents into consideration when you’re planning décor. If they’re low key and don’t really like being the centre of attention, make your shower casual. Don’t overdo the decorations, but make it festive and celebratory with a bouquet of fresh flowers and your best china. If they do like a good party and enjoy being the centre of attention, you can also go all out! Visit Country Living for some beautiful and frugal baby shower décor ideas.


When all is said and done, a grandparent shower is about showing the grandparents-to-be how excited you are that they are entering this new and wonderful phase of their lives, and helping them get ready to welcome the next love of their lives. Whatever you do, be it big or small, it will be remembered and appreciated long after the presents have been opened and the food has been eaten.


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