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Posted on Apr 2016 in Family and Friends, Your Family

Sharing the spirit with your community


It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small, rural town or in a large, bustling city; the community around you plays an important role in your family’s well being. A vibrant and welcoming community gives us social support. It allows us to make connections that often blossom into friendships, and makes it easy to share information that can make our streets and neighborhoods safer. A healthy community is also one that’s always ready to give back and look after its own.

During April we celebrate Community Spirit Days. It’s a chance to share your community spirit, make a difference, and participate in giving back to the neighborhood that you love.

There are lots of wonderful ways to participate in Community Spirit Days, and it’s great to get your whole family involved in the fun!

  • Support a local charity. Foresters Community Grants provide members with the resources and financial support needed to independently organize a volunteer event that’s meaningful to your and your community. You can make care kits for a women’s shelter, prepare meals for your local Ronald McDonald House, or provide food and other supplies to a food bank. The choice is yours! For more information visit
  • Say no to bullying. Organize an anti-bullying event at your child or grandchild’s school. Visit Pacer for tips and an information toolkit to help you get started.
  • Bake some smiles. Surprise local emergency service workers with homemade cookies and a thank-you card. Who wouldn’t love some fresh chocolate chip cookies delivered with a smile?
  • Clean up a playground. Warmer weather means local parks are starting to get busy again, but they may need a little sprucing up after winter. Organize a Foresters Playfinders event during April to help make your local playgrounds summer-ready! This program provides the resources for you, your family and the Foresters community to explore the playspaces in your area, tidy them and make sure they’re mapped on the KaBOOM! Map of Play. For more information visit
  • Share your wisdom. If you have a special skill or are particularly good at a certain craft, offer to teach a free class to others in your community. You may be able to arrange to have a local place of worship or community center donate the space for your class.
  • Meet and greet. Make a point of introducing yourself to a neighbor on your street or in your building that you haven’t met before. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but it also helps to strengthen connections and trust, making for a happier and safer community.
  • Share your spirit. Organize a community pep rally at a local community center. Contact your mayor and other local dignitaries to get them involved, ask cheerleaders from local high schools to work on a community cheer they can perform at the event, arrange to have fun activities like face painting and simple crafts for kids, see if you can get a local grocery store to provide food and beverages, and get local musicians to perform at the event. These are all great ways to celebrate the spirit that’s alive in your vibrant community.

A strong and healthy community is created by passionate people with a strong sense of neighborhood pride who are dedicated to making their little corner of the world the very best it can be. Think about the areas of your community and the people within it that could use your support and make a real difference this month.


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