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Posted on Feb 2016 in Family and Friends

Puzzling fun

puzzling fun

Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, and jumbles are fun way to pass the time, but they might also be good for you, particularly as you age. Research has found that keeping your brain active and engaged every day seems to increase its vitality and may even build its reserves of brain cells and connections.1

There are plenty of places to hunt for free online puzzles, many that you can print out and work the old fashioned way with a pencil and eraser (or a pen if you’re daring). If you haven’t already given it a try, even Foresters has its own custom crossword puzzle!

Check out these sites for more fantastic, free brainteasers that will keep you puzzling away for hours:

  • USA Today : crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Word Round Up, Quick Cross, Jumble, Lexigo, Kenken and more!
  • The Guardian : crosswords and Sudoku puzzles of various skill levels (can be completed online by mobile, table and desktop and are also printable)
  • Los Angeles Times : access to the daily crossword as well as a host of other online word games
  • The Globe and Mail : crossword puzzles (even a Canadian-themed version), as well as Sudoku (online and printable)

If you want to create a crossword puzzle for friends or family to solve, you can also do that free online. A family-themed crossword filled with clues about your family’s history would be great fun at a family reunion and perfect for a milestone birthday or anniversary celebration.

Check out these online resources for creating your own customized crossword puzzles:

You don’t need an excuse to take a little time for yourself and do something fun and relaxing that you enjoy, but with research to suggest that puzzling your way through the day might actually be good for you, there’s no reason not to indulge.





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