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Posted on Jun 2016 in Family and Friends

Parent hacks


Let’s face it; kids aren’t stupid – not by a long shot. But every once in a while you can sneak a little something past them that ends up making your life so much easier. These “parent hacks” are invaluable, which is why we’ve compiled our favorite 9 nuggets of wisdom to help you out on those days when you need it most!

  1. Distract them with sprinkles. Want them to drink that healthy smoothie or gulp down that fresh juice you just made with every green vegetable in the fridge? Top them off with a few sprinkles, which make everything look like a funfetti party! If you want to go the extra mile, here’s a recipe for homemade sprinkles with no food coloring or corn syrup.
  2. Never waste bread. No kid ever wants to eat the heel of a loaf of bread, but they’ll never know they are if you make a grilled cheese sandwich with it and put the crust side in.
  3. Use puppy pads for accident-prone sleepers. If your child is prone to accidents at night, try this trick: put a puppy pad (small, flat pads meant to help when potty training puppies) on the mattress, then add the flat sheet. Repeat this process so you have two layers of each. That way you’ll just have to strip off the top sheet and pad and won’t have to re-make the bed in the middle of the night.
  4. Help them scare away monsters. If a frightened child regularly wakes you up in the night with worries about monsters under the bed, arm them with their very own bottle of monster repellent. Decorate an empty spray bottle (that has been thoroughly cleaned) with fun stickers. Give it to your child and tell them that all they have to do is spray under the bed once and the monster mist (air) will keep the monsters away all night long.
  5. Hide their vegetables. Got a picky eater who won’t willingly let a vegetable pass their lips? Hide them in these clever kid-friendly recipes from Popsugar .
  6. Stop that little Houdini in his tracks. If you have a child who regularly enjoys taking off his jammies and diaper, turn his pjs around so they zip up the back instead.
  7. Stop drips. Poke the stick of a popsicle through a muffin paper so the melting popsicle stays in the paper instead of all over little hands.
  8. Prevent nighttime tumbles. If your child is prone to falling out of bed, tuck a pool noodle lengthwise under the fitted sheet to create a soft barrier that should help keep them from tumbling out of bed.
  9. Help him improve his aim. The last thing a busy parent wants to have to do is clean up the washroom after every time a little guy has to go. Turn off the water valve on the toilet and flush it to drain the bowl. Dry a spot at the back of the bowl and place a sticker directly onto the porcelain. Turn the water valve back on to refill the bowl. Now your little guy has something to aim for!

If you have any parenting hacks to share, visit our Facebook page and let us know your tricks for making your life with kids easier.


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