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Posted on Oct 2016 in Family and Friends

Happy Friendsgiving


Thanksgiving is a time to gather with people you love, share a meal, and count the blessings you’ve enjoy throughout the course of the year. We tend to think of this day of thanks as one to share with family, but there are many reasons why this is sometimes just not possible. Perhaps family lives far away and travel is too costly, or maybe you’re a student living away from home, or maybe family gatherings just aren’t something that works for you and your family members right now.

Whatever the case may be, not having family nearby no longer means you have to be shut out of Thanksgiving celebrations. A loud, raucous feast is still something you can plan to be a part of this year, thanks to something called Friendsgiving.

A trend that started a few years ago, Friendsgiving is changing the way we think about holidays that are traditionally spent with families. The idea behind the movement is to encourage people who aren’t able to celebrate the day with family, to spend Thanksgiving with friends instead.

After all, they say that friends are the family you choose, so why not gather them close and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together? If you are lucky enough to be planning a big family shin dig that day, you can simply move Friendsgiving to the following day and invite your pals (and their leftovers) over to enjoy Thanksgiving part II.

Friendsgiving menu ideas

You can go traditional and opt for a big, roasted turkey and all the trimmings, or embrace the quirkiness of an unconventional Thanksgiving with friends and opt for something completely different. It’s really more about the company than the food, so whatever you serve is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed by friends who will no doubt be honored to share this special holiday with you.


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If cooking a large meal all on your own is a little daunting, why not make your Friendsgiving celebration a potluck affair? We have some great tips and suggestions for hosting a memorable potluck dinner, and some clever ideas that can help you have more fun while you’re hosting a big holiday gathering.

Being with people you care about is the most important part of Thanksgiving, so if you can’t be with family, add friends to your table instead and count them among your greatest blessings.


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