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Posted on Oct 2016 in Family and Friends

Finding light in the dark


Losing power during a storm is never convenient, but as long as you have an emergency kit filled with essential items your family needs for at least 3-7 days (the standard maximum time you can expect to be without power and clean water), you can relax knowing you’re safe and sound.

But there’s more to consider than just food, water, and first aid during a power outage; there’s keeping everyone entertained too! These days most adults and children rely very heavily on electronic devices for amusement, so to be suddenly without that glowing screen of fun can be a challenge for some. Obviously during a power outage you want to conserve whatever battery you have left on rechargeable devices in case you need to get more information or make important calls, so they are out of commission for the duration.

What to do when the lights go out

If you live in an area where power outages are common, it makes sense to think about what activities you can do to keep everyone amused before you’re stuck sitting in the dark with a hoard of bored and whiny family members.

  • Break out the board games. It’s an obvious way to kill time, but sometimes games get scattered around the house or stored in different locations. Have a dedicated game shelf where all your board games and playing cards stay all year long. That way you’ll always know exactly where the favorites are when you’re hunting in the dark.
  • Get cooking. Your kids will have fun “roughing it” as they help you prepare a blackout meal using only pantry items or food you’ve included in your emergency kit. Check out our article on what to cook during a power outage for clever recipes and snack ideas.
  • Tell ghost stories. Make sure they’re age appropriate – and avoid them altogether if you have a very sensitive child who won’t sleep for the duration of the blackout if they get too scared – but have some fun getting spooky with your flashlights and some good old-fashioned story telling. Get prepared by visiting Ultimate Camp Resource to brush up on your ghost stories.
  • Make a bucket list. With no electronic devices competing for your attention and mental energy, a power outage is an ideal time to brainstorm your bucket list. Give everyone a paper and pencil, and spend time jotting down all the wild and crazy things you each want to do during your lifetime. Make sure to set aside time to share, if everyone is willing.
  • Connect. We live in a busy world where so many things compete for our time and attention. Use the quiet of a power outage to really reconnect with the people you love. Talk, laugh, reminisce and enjoy the wonderful things that make you the unique and special family that you are.

For more tips on being prepared in the event of an emergency, read our article on emergency preparedness, and don’t forget that as a Foresters member you are eligible for the Emergency Assistance Program should an emergency strike. Our emergency grants provide short term, temporary financial aid to members affected by significant personal hardship, disaster or large-scale emergency. Visit for more information.


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