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Posted on Jun 2016 in Family and Friends

DIY fun with kids


Without homework and scheduled activities that typically only fall during the school year, the summer months are an ideal time for kids to get involved in fun, crafty projects and activities they might not otherwise have time for. It’s a chance to learn new skills, explore their boundless creativity, and maybe even develop a passion for a new hobby they will enjoy for a lifetime.

Here are some great ideas for DIY fun:

  • Get cooking. You may have the makings of a Julia Child or a Jamie Oliver in your home and not even know it! Find out by encouraging your kids to experiment in the kitchen. Help them plan and shop for a simple meal or dessert, then guide them through the process of prepping and cooking a delicious meal or a wonderful home-baked treat. Click here for more tips on getting your kids in the kitchen, including age appropriate tasks. 
  • Build a birdhouse. Making something for the outdoors will help encourage your child to spend more time in nature – especially if they can watch a little bird family grow up in the home they’ve made for it. Check out Crafty Birds for some simple, free plans for DIY birdhouses you and your kids can make together. If you want to get a group of volunteers together to decorate birdfeeders for your community, check out our Birdfeeders Activity Planning Guide. 
  • Create wearable art. Tie-dyeing didn’t die with the 1970s – it’s alive and well, and it’s a great activity to do with kids. They’ll have fun making their shirts and have something new to wear when they’re dyed, dried, and ready to go! Visit for step-by-step instructions. 
  • Blow bubbles. What kid doesn’t love blowing (and popping) bubbles? This is a great idea for very little ones, but fun for kids of any age – and it’s a great activity to enjoy outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. Visit Activity Village for a bubble recipe and DIY bubble wand ideas. 
  • Make playdough. Children of all ages enjoy the feel of playdough between their fingers. Little ones can smoosh it around, blend the colors and cut out shapes with cookie cutters while older kids can use it to sculpt animals and other characters. It’s inexpensive, non-toxic if you use an all-natural recipe, and simple enough for older kids to make on their own. Check out Playdough Recipe for a list of fantastic recipes. 
  • Play with yarn. If you knit or crochet, consider getting your kids in on the action and start teaching them the basics. Remember, there are plenty of boys and men active in the fiber arts, so this isn’t something that’s only fun for girls. Beginners can make a simple dishcloth, scarf or potholder. 
  • Become puppeteers. You can make adorable puppets from stuff around the house like these box puppets without having to spend a dime! Do a quick online search for free patterns and inspiration, and let your imaginations run wild. Encourage your children to put on a puppet show once their creations are ready for the stage.

A child has the ability to dig into a rich and wonderful imagination that’s just waiting to be tapped. All it takes is a little encouragement from you and they’ll be off creating, playing, and learning wonderful new things, and enjoying magical experiences with you that they’ll never forget.

For more great DIY activity ideas visit Activity Village.


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