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Posted on Nov 2016 in Family and Friends

Celebrating children


Children are the world’s most precious resource. They will be our leaders, peacemakers, and stewards of the earth. A child literally holds the future in their tiny hands, so they must be protected, respected, and given the right to thrive so they can reach their full potential.


In 1954 the United Nations General Assembly recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children’s Day to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children.1 On that day, marked annually on November 20, we are encouraged to promote and celebrate children’s rights to life, health, education, play, family life, and their right to be protected from violence and discrimination.


We have some wonderful suggestions for ways you and your family can mark this important celebration of children on November 20:

  • Provide for a child in need. Donate food, children’s clothing, books and toys to a local homeless shelter or women’s shelter; or donate money to a charity like Unicef or another charity of your choice that is particularly focussed on children’s rights. If you’re crafty consider knitting, crocheting, or sewing blankets for charities like Project Linus that provide homemade blankets to children in need.
  • Volunteer at a Ronald McDonald House®. A home-away-from home, each Ronald McDonald House gives families a place to stay close to the hospital where their child is being treated. Find out what needs your local Ronald McDonald House may have, which can be anything from helping to cook and clean, hosting craft nights or simply providing emotional support to families staying there. You could also organize a Cookies With Care Activity through Foresters Financial, and ask friends and family to help you make cookies for residents that would be sure to appreciate a sweet, homemade treat.
  • Host a care packages event. Foresters Community Grants allow members to plan local activities for their families and other Foresters members, creating exciting volunteer opportunities – like a Foresters Care Packages event.Foresters provides up to $2,500 in funding, as well as tools and resources to help ensure that your care kit event is successful. You could put together comfort kits for children in crisis, fill knapsacks with items for children in foster care, or make hygiene kits for homeless shelters filled with basic necessities all children should have access to.
  • Spend time with the children you love. If you have children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, find a way to show them how much you love, respect, and care for them on November 20. Write a letter that explains how important they are to you, teach them something you know, be it a skill, hobby, or a little bit about your shared family history; or simply sit and listen to them as they tell you their hopes and dreams for the future. The most precious gift we can give the children in our lives is our time and undivided attention.

For more information on Universal Children’s Day visit the United Nations.





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