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Posted on Aug 2016 in Community

How well do you know your member benefits?


At Foresters Financial™, we believe that you deserve more than a financial services provider. You deserve a partner that will help you prosper and improve your community. As a member you get access to unique benefits1 that will help protect and enrich you and your family – and strengthen your community.

It’s simple to find out more about all the amazing benefits that you’re entitled to as a Foresters member. All you have to do is visit



In the meantime, take our fun quiz!

Try to match the photo to the correct benefit description below. If you get stuck, check the answer key at the bottom of the quiz.


pic1 pic5 pic2
image 1 image 2 image 3



pic4 pic 6 pic3
image 4 image 5 image 6


Legal Link

As a Foresters member, you can consult with a local legal professional for help with a variety of issues including wills, estate planning, home ownership and family law – all with a reduced cost.

Image: _

Everyday Money

Our toll-free financial helpline connects you to an accredited counselor who can help answer your questions about your personal financial matters such as debt management and budgeting.

Image: _

Emergency Assistance Program

An emergency can strike anytime. Our emergency grants provide short term, temporary financial aid to members affected by significant personal hardship, disaster or large scale emergency.

Image: _

Member events

As a Foresters member, you and your family can look forward to complimentary family events including movie nights, amusements parks, sporting events, volunteering and other fun and inclusive all ages activities.

Image: _

Community and Volunteering

We’re proud to organize and support community projects in the local communities where our members live. If you’d like to get involved, we offer a number of volunteering opportunities – Foresters makes it easy to give a little something back.

Image: _

Competitive Scholarship

We are proud to contribute to the success that education can bring to individuals, families and communities. Each year we offer 250 tuition scholarships up to $8,000 to eligible students pursing post-secondary education at an accredited university, community college or trade program.

Image: _


Answers: image 1 = Community and Volunteering; image 2 = Member events; image 3 = Everyday Money; image 4 = Legal Link; image 5 = Competitive Scholarship; image 6 = Emergency Assistance Program


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