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Posted on May 2019 in Community

Articles chosen to help inspire you

Your Community


Slow down and enjoy our five articles chosen to help inspire you to reach out to those around you and be a blessing in your community.


Making play a priority

Foresters member Bill Lide is a volunteer coordinator for ‘Friends of Kittredge Park’, a core group of volunteers who are committed to supporting and promoting the beauty and recreational opportunities of the park. With no prior experience building a park, and a shortage of funding, Friends of Kittredge Park did some research and eventually filled out an application with KaBOOM! Find out what happened on build day!

Members in action

If you would like to follow Cherie and John’s lead and become more involved with community events and volunteerism through Foresters Community Grants, read their stories about giving back.

Sharing the spirit with your community

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a small, rural town or in a large, bustling city; the community around you plays an important role in your family’s well-being. Participating in Community Spirit Days helps to infuse life and positive energy into the neighborhood where you live. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for ways you can get your whole family involved in the fun!

Be a blessing in your community

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are less fortunate people in our communities who struggle to live lives of dignity while homeless or precariously housed. There are many ways to reach out to this segment of the population, but one of the simplest is to always be prepared to be a blessing in the life of someone who is struggling. Read on to find out how simple that can be.

Helping others helps you too

It’s usually pretty easy to see how volunteerism benefits others—boxes of donated canned goods filling up food bank shelves, the smile on a senior’s face when a hot meal arrives at their door, children laughing and playing on sports teams coached by dedicated parents. But the flip side to all that goodness is how good it makes you feel to give your time and energy to a charity, cause or organization you care about.

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