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Posted in Healthy Living | August 2019

Sodium: how much is too much?

The average American consumes 50% more sodium than recommended every single day, and while sodium helps the body to keep fluids in a normal balance and plays a key role in normal nerve and muscle function, studies show...

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Posted in Healthy Living | June 2019

Sugar vs. fat: the great debate

If you’re a certain age, you will remember when fat became public enemy number one. You couldn’t walk down a grocery store aisle without seeing low-fat or no-fat products on either side, and the diet industry was...

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Posted in Healthy Living, You | April 2019

Resolution fail? Bounce back!

We all have really good intentions at the beginning of the year, and often set noble goals that we hope to achieve. Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to deal with the clutter in your home once and for all, or to...

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