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Posted in Your Community | March 2015

Welcome to our new community partner

American Red Cross
We are very excited to announce that Foresters and the American Red Cross will be partnering throughout 2015! Our partnership couldn’t have begun at a better time because March is National Red Cross Month in the United States (US ).

Foresters invests in partnerships with organizations that share our values and our commitment to enhance the well-being of families and communities. Both Foresters and the Red Cross share a fundamental belief in helping families plan ahead and prepare for the unexpected while making a difference along the way, so we are perfectly matched and very excited about what this partnership will bring.

For one thing, it will enable us to help you to be more prepared for unpredictable life events, and to cope with them if they arise, because the Red Cross provides life-saving preparedness tools and information.

But there’s so much more!

We’ve launched a new Community Involvement activity to help families and communities prepare for disasters and other emergencies. Called Foresters Prepared with Care, the volunteer program is a fun and easy way for families to plan ahead and safeguard their futures.

Here’s how it works! At a Prepared with Care activity, volunteers will receive preparedness training by a certified Red Cross trainer, then assemble emergency preparedness kits to take home and distribute in their communities. While distributing these kits, volunteers will be able to encourage their friends, family members and neighbors to take the necessary steps to become more prepared by explaining what they learned at the Prepared with Care event and directing them to the Red Cross website .

By participating in the activity, you’ll be playing a vital role in supporting Red Cross efforts to teach more people easy-to-learn, life-saving skills and build a culture of emergency preparedness and individual resilience.

Since the 1990s Foresters has supported our members in coping with an emergency or disaster through our Emergency Assistance Program. It provides temporary financial assistance to members affected by significant personal hardship, disaster or large-scale emergency. Our partnership with the Red Cross is another way we can help support you when you need it most.

If you want to get involved by planning and hosting a Prepared with Care event, visit the Foresters Community Grants page to find out how to get started. And check out Foresters Events page to keep an eye out for Prepared with Care activities that you can join in your local area!

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