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Posted in Your Community | September 2015

Voting 2015: making a difference

Foresters Voting

Every year ForestersTM members are called upon to vote in Branch Elections to determine the local leadership of our member-led organization. Like any election, voting is critical. Choosing to vote means you’re making the important decision to exercise your fundamental right to make your voice heard. In the case of Foresters Branch Elections, it means you’re helping to influence what happens in your very own community.

The Branch Councillors you vote for each year play an important role in Foresters governance structure as they help guide how Foresters programs and resources are used to make a positive impact in your local community. They work with members across your area, and decide on ways that help Foresters improve the member experience.

There are 50 Branches throughout the UK, the US and in Canada, and there are 10 Branch Councillors in each Branch who form the Branch Council. All elected Branch Councillors are part of a Regional Assembly, and each Regional Assembly elects a Regional Council that sets direction and provides oversight to the Branch Councils.

The Branch Presidents, Vice-Presidents and all Regional Councillors are members of the International Assembly, which is Foresters top governing body. It is responsible for electing our Board of Directors and approving constitutional changes.

So as you can see, your vote has the ability to make quite an impact. It definitely matters.

Have your say in deciding Foresters direction and leadership by voting online at by September 28.

For more information on Foresters Branch Elections visit here.

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