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Posted in Your Community, Community | April 2015

Volunteer to play around this April

volunteer play
Volunteering creates waves of goodwill that can literally ripple into eternity as recipients of kindness pay it forward in appreciation for what was done for them. That’s why we are so grateful for the thousands of member volunteers who participate in all kinds of activities that benefit the communities in which they live, and why we believe it’s so important for volunteers to be celebrated annually for the wonderful work they do. It’s a chance to truly thank them for their time, energy, and dedication, and to step back and recognize the incredible impact they have on their families and communities.

With Foresters Community Grants, making a difference through volunteerism is easier than ever! The Grants provide members with the resources and financial support they need to independently organize fun family events and volunteer activities in their local community, such as the simple and fun Foresters Playfinders program. Not only is Playfinders a great way to celebrate spring with your children, but it’s also a wonderful way to meet other families in your neighborhood while you and your group of eager volunteers test out, tidy up and tell others about your community’s best playgrounds.

Here’s how it works:

  • Members and their families gather at a central playground to enjoy a light snack while the member organizer explains how the program works.
  • The organizer distributes the equipment and materials needed to tidy the playspace.
  • One half of the group tests out the playground and rates it based on fun, safety and playability while the other half tidies it up. Once this is completed, the whole team of 8-25 volunteers move onto another playground to repeat the process, with the roles reversed.
  • Upon returning home, the member organizer and volunteers are encouraged to visit KaBOOM!’s Map of Play to input their ratings for each playground tested and tidied. They can also check out other great local playspaces using the online tool.

The two main goals of the Playfinders program are to make your community playspaces as wonderful and inviting as possible, and to help families discover all the best places to play within walking distance of their homes. Best of all, it’s a family volunteer opportunity that helps your kids learn valuable lessons about keeping playgrounds clean and beautiful. Plus, kids make the best testers!

If you and your kids love the playspaces in your community and want to keep them looking good, a Playfinders activity might be right up your alley and the perfect way to celebrate National Volunteer Week! You can find a complete step-by-step guide to planning and facilitating a Playfinders activity by visiting the Activity Planning Guides at

For more information on Foresters Community Grants check out this great video

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