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Posted in Your Community | August 2013

Join us on a virtual journey through time

Foresters historical mosaic
For over 135 years, ForestersTM has been guided by a very powerful principle: the growth and prosperity of our members and their families are linked to the communities in which they live. Foresters was founded in the spirit of fraternalism with the aim of providing life insurance to average, working families and mutual aid programs for the benefit of members and their communities. In fact, Foresters has a rich history of investing in the financial security of our members and sharing with the communities in which they live.

That long and storied history of fraternalism and service just became a lot more accessible through our brand new Foresters Historical Mosaic, which is now available for you online at

The discovery of a 46-year old time capsule filled with Foresters archival material and memorabilia in the foundation of our International Headquarters building in Toronto prompted us to delve into our vast store of historical records. The end result of our research is a fascinating online digital archive accessible to all of our members. The Foresters Historical Mosaic brings our history to life through archival documents including handwritten proclamations, medals, photographs, certificates and other beautiful artifacts. It also highlights important milestones including our leadership, charitable endeavors, expansions and acquisitions.

Not only is the Foresters Historical Mosaic beautiful to look at, it showcases our fraternal heritage and unwavering commitment to families and children through the years, as well as our many firsts, from having Canada’s first Native doctor as a leader to building playgrounds today!

All of this fascinating history is available for you to browse through, read and enjoy!

Just click here to start your journey through Foresters history. You can select specific decades or view a random selection of milestones—the choice is yours! Clicking on images and dates is a fun and fascinating way to access the history of an organization that has spanned industrial, cultural and digital revolutions, all the while focusing on the well-being of members and their families, just like yours.

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