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Posted in You | August 2013

Remember why you fell in love

reconnecting with your partner
Those heady days when you’re newly in love are nothing short of magical. Food tastes better, music sounds sweeter and the object of your affection somehow seems perfect in every way. But as time passes and the flush of new love fades, it’s easy to let the romance quietly fade away along with it. Dealing with a hectic lifestyle or struggling through challenging life changes can drain your mental energy and make getting stuck in a romantic rut a definite possibility.

The second full week in August is “Resurrect the Romance Week”, so now is a great time to shift your priorities back to the two of you and remember exactly why you fell in love.

Canadian Living magazine has some great suggestions for simple, sweet ways to stay connected to the one you love.

  • Make the ordinary romantic. Look for ways to introduce romance into everyday life, even if it means eating mac and cheese by candlelight or tucking a little love note into a briefcase or lunch bag. The effort is what’s important here.
  • Touch each other. It sounds obvious, but sometimes a busy lifestyle can turn us into ships that pass in the night. Make a point of doing things like holding hands, giving each other quick, unexpected kisses and sitting close. Feeling physically connected is a great way to reintroduce romance.
  • Reminisce. You have a shared past, be it 5 years or 50. Take time to sit and talk about the life you’ve had together and the wonderful memories you’ve made. Nostalgia is a great way to reconnect and spark a little passion.
  • Do things together. Find a common interest and pursue it together, be it a cooking course, book club or even bird watching. Having fun together can strengthen your bond and give you new experiences to look forward to on a regular basis.
  • Set common goals. Antoine De Saint-Exupery once said, “Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.” Making goals that you both want to reach together—even if it’s something as simple as planning your next vacation—is a great way to reconnect and feel excited about your future together. Setting larger goals (financial and retirement goals, for example) can help you map out your life and give you that, “we’re in this together” feeling that’s so important in a relationship.
  • Be supportive. Is there anything more romantic than someone who always has your back? Make a point of showing how much you support the one you love by cheering him on, being proud of her accomplishments and celebrating milestones both big and small.

Remember that “old love” can be every bit as sweet as new love. It’s just different. It’s comfortable, quiet and enduring. Is it as exciting as it was way back when? Perhaps not, but knowing that yours is a deep and lasting love that has stood the test of time is still very romantic indeed.

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