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Posted in You | October 2015

Read local

Read Local

As author Stephen King once said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” There’s nothing quite like cracking the spine of brand new book and diving into your next literary adventure. It really is simply magical.

We often pick our next book based on word-of-mouth or reviews in the Sunday newspaper, but it can be a pleasurably enriching experience to make an effort to find and read authors from home.

Embracing the work of writers from your country is a fascinating way to learn more about its mythology and history. There’s a unique voice that you’ll recognize and feel a kinship with. They are your people, those writers from your land, and it’s wonderful to support their efforts by choosing to read the words they’ve written for you.

According to Canadian writer Stephanie Domet, author of “Fallsy Downsies” and “Homing”, there are several great ways to find out more about local emerging authors.

  • Visit independent book stores. Find the best independent seller in your area and visit often. They always know about good and emerging authors, and will be able to give you great suggestions for your next local read.
  • Chat with like-minded friends. If you know other avid readers, make a point of getting together to talk about your mutual love of books. Consider joining a local book club, or start one of your own with a focus on native authors.
  • Visit the library. There is usually at least one librarian who knows everything there is to know about local writers, so don’t be afraid to ask. Libraries often also host readings with local authors, providing a fascinating and intimate way to be introduced to your next great read.
  • Check out your local writer’s federation, society or guild. Websites like the Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia, The Ohio Writer’s Guild, and The Royal Society of Literature have great information about emerging writers and upcoming book festivals and readings. Do some research and find the organization local to you and continue to monitor their website for valuable news and information.

To get started on your local reading journey right away, have a look at the links below and start feeling that national pride as you search for your next favorite—and homegrown—author:


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