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Posted in You | February 2014

Happy anniversary!

An anniversary is an important milestone in the life you have chosen to share with your spouse. Whether it’s one year or 40, a commitment to love, honor and cherish that has stood the test of time—and all the inevitable ups and downs that come along with it—is definitely worth marking.

According to, if you make it all the way to your 100th anniversary, a 10K diamond should be your reward! For those not quite there yet, also lists the classic, traditional gifts given for each anniversary, as well as updated modern gifts for years 1 through 99.

Modern anniversary gifts:

  • First anniversary: clocks
  • Second anniversary: china
  • Third anniversary: crystal
  • Fourth anniversary: appliances
  • Fifth anniversary: silverware
  • Sixth anniversary: wood
  • Seventh anniversary: brass
  • Eight anniversary: linens or lace
  • Ninth anniversary: leather
  • Tenth anniversary: diamond jewelry
  • Twentieth anniversary: platinum
  • Twenty-fifth anniversary: silver
  • Thirtieth anniversary: traditional: pearl, modern: diamond
  • Fortieth anniversary: ruby
  • Fiftieth anniversary: gold

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to celebrating. You can come up with special gifts and ways to celebrate that are as unique as you two are. Consider these ideas when planning your own special celebration:

  • Do something you love together. Get tickets to a show, sporting event or exhibit you’d both enjoy.
  • Travel. Plan a destination anniversary and get away together to rekindle the romance.
  • Speak from the heart. Write love letters to each other and read them together on the exact anniversary of the hour you said, “I do”.
  • Renew your vows. Even if it’s not a “milestone” anniversary, there’s no reason why you can’t decide to say “yes” all over again. Arrange it through your place of worship with family and friends present, or just do it quietly together at home.
  • Share a gift. Choose a gift that you’ll both enjoy together, be it a work of art, an upgraded piece of furniture for your home, or an electronic device you’ve both been coveting.
  • Take a class together. Maybe it’s ballroom dancing, introduction to cooking, tae kwon do, or an art class. Learn something new and experience it together!
  • Make something memorable. Get creative and come up with a handmade gift that expresses the love you have for your partner and reminds you of the memories you’ve made together. Maybe it’s a photo book through Blurb, a slideshow through Kizoa or a framed collage of your most memorable times together.

Enjoy your special day! And happy anniversary!

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