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Posted in You, Your Community | May 2015

Go play outside!

Every spring, the David Suzuki Foundation challenges Canadians to join the 30×30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 straight days. While this is a Canadian initiative, it’s certainly not limited to those who happen to live in Canada. The benefits of getting outside and enjoying 30 minutes of nature every day can be enjoyed no matter where you happen to live!

As the 30×30 Challenge website states, it’s well documented that regularly getting outside and into a natural setting like a park, field or forest can lower blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels, and boost immunity. It’s also been shown to reduce feelings of anger and depression while increasing energy, creativity and even generosity.

Since spring has finally sprung, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and commit to getting outside and getting into nature.

You’ll find tons of tips on the 30×30 Challenge website, but we also have some great ideas for ways you can spend 30 minutes a day in the great outdoors:

  • Take a bird book to a park or forested area and try to identify 5 different birds either by sight or by sound.
  • Take a book and a blanket to the park and read.
  • If you knit, crochet, whittle, draw or paint, take your supplies outside—even to your own backyard—and practice your craft al fresco.
  • Eat dinner outside.
  • Meditate in the park.
  • Have your morning coffee outside. Bonus points if you walk to a coffee shop to get it!
  • Look up your area and see if there are any unique geographical landmarks or formations nearby. Even if you have to drive to them, you can still spend 30 minutes outside exploring them.
  • Play in the park—even if you’re all grown up! Take a Frisbee, a ball and glove, or even a board game with you and enjoy a little old fashioned fun with friends.
  • Plant a new garden bed.
  • Visit a nursery or botanical garden and stroll through the plants and flowers.
  • Help tidy up and test out your local playground, as part of Foresters Playfinders program.

Don’t forget to challenge your friends and family to join you. Your encouragement might inspire someone else to get outside and enjoy an amazing and healthy 30×30 journey this spring!
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