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Posted in You | April 2013

Clear out that clutter!

home organization
Some people find that a neat, organized environment helps them to feel calm and relaxed—and who couldn’t use a little more calming energy in their lives? Start the season off right with a commitment to purge, de-clutter and reclaim your home (or garage, or workshop)!

The best way to start is to have a plan. Write down the areas in your home that need attention, then take it one room at a time. Break that down even further into one corner or quadrant at a time. Biting off small chunks and scratching each accomplishment off your list is the best way to stay motivated. Remember that there’s no need to get everything done in one weekend. Take it slow and be methodical. If one day you just get one cupboard cleaned and sorted, that’s still worth a pat on the back!

As you’re cleaning and sorting, keep garbage bags, boxes or plastic tubs handy. Label them “keep”, “toss” and “donate” and sort as you go. This will make it easy to dispose of garbage, and items for donation will be ready toss into the car and take to a charitable organization. Used clothing, books, houseware items and small household appliances are welcomed by many organizations.

If you have large items like furniture that you want to get rid of, remember that there are some charitable organizations that will happily come to pick them up for you. The Kidney Foundation of Canada will even pick up old cars and tow them away free of charge! In the United States, The Salvation Army  will also take away old, unwanted cars—arguably one of the biggest pieces of “clutter” there is!

Some organizations, like Furniture Bank in Toronto, will pick up gently used furniture. The YMCA of Central Hertfordshire in England also readily accepts furniture donations. Check the website of your favorite local charity to see what kind of donations they will accept, and if they’ll pick up directly from your home. Many do.

You might also do a search for local women’s shelters, or speak with someone at your church to find out if they accept the kind of items you have to donate. Not only is donating a great way to help someone in need, it’s also kind to the environment. That old saying is true: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

For tips on de-cluttering, including conquering closets, reclaiming your garage and dealing with messy kids, visit Good Housekeeping .

For more information on donating furniture in the United States, visit Donate Furniture Pickup.

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