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Posted in You | September 2013

Change with the season

You don’t have to look very hard to find decorating inspiration in the fall. Depending on where you live, Mother Nature’s magnificent shades of yellow, orange, ochre and red might be on display right outside your window, providing endless creative inspiration for changing the inside of your home to match the show going on outside!

Adding new touches of seasonal color is a great way to change your home—and your mood! Science has shown that colors can have a psychological impact on the way you feel.1 So maybe you’re not imagining that burst of creativity you experience in a yellow room, or the calm you feel in a blue one, or the sense of physical comfort in a cozy orange space. If you’re drawn to a color, use it—it probably is calling out for you!

No matter what palette you ultimately choose, there are lots of simple, affordable ways to bring autumn inside and freshen up the look of your home to reflect the changing season.

You can wrap yourself in the warmth of the fiery colors of fall by

  • draping a chair in a rich, red afghan,
  • putting a chestnut brown slipcover on a couch or loveseat,
  • painting just one “feature wall” in a bold, autumn shade that can be repainted in the spring,
  • adding a few orange throw cushions for a pop of color,
  • swapping out an old painting for something bright and bold, or
  • buying a set of warm, buttery yellow flannel sheets to snuggle up in at night.

But remember, change can be about more than just color!

  • Completely rearrange the furniture. Cluster your coziest chairs near a fireplace, turn your couch around to face the window so you can watch nature’s colorful fall display, or create new conversation areas in preparation for indoor visits from friends and family members.
  • Add a new painting or piece of art to your home, or just switch them around so they feel new.
  • Go “shopping” in other rooms of your house (including the attic!) to see what decorative items you might want to pull out and use in your family room or main living area.
  • Add more light to your rooms to combat the shorter days. Ambient lighting sets a cozy mood, so try introducing a few new table lamps or tall floor lamps to brighten things up.
  • Create instant cozy by buying or making large floor cushions to stack by the fireplace or anywhere you’d like a little extra softness and color.
  • If you have blinds, add a set of inexpensive curtains to brighten up and change the look of your windows.

Little changes like these are simple, inexpensive ways to infuse new life and energy into your home, making it even more comfortable and inviting. Best of all, you can do the exact same exercise in the winter, spring and summer, changing up your home so it always reflects the very best of the season and your personal style too!

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