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Posted in Online Savvy | August 2014

Online news: sharing and storing files

When you end up with too much stuff—hand-me-down furniture, boxes of books, or treasures you just can’t part with but don’t have room for—one way to deal with it is to get a public storage unit where you can safely stash all your stuff until you find a use for it one day. You can use the internet the very same way with all your digital files, storing them securely in a place online called “the cloud”. This frees up space on your computer and gives you peace of mind knowing your files are backed up offsite—but it also allows you access to those files no matter where you are!

“The cloud” is simply a term used to describe a location on the internet. Companies set up these storage areas for people like you who might want to use them for storing photographs, music files and other digital files. These storage spaces are always password-protected so your files are safe and secure.

The benefit of storing files in the cloud is that you can access those files no matter where you are—you don’t have to be sitting at your own computer. They are stored remotely, so all you need is your password, an internet connection and a device (smartphone, tablet or computer), wherever you happen to be.

How do you access this amazing free cloud storage space? There are lots of companies that can help you get started:

You almost always get an amount of storage space for free, with the option to upgrade to larger storage later, if need be.

One of the nicest things about storing your files in the cloud is that if something happens to your home computer—where you’ve stored all your precious photographs, for example—you don’t have to worry about losing that data permanently, since the cloud is storing a backup copy of everything you’ve filed there.

Another great benefit is that it makes sharing files so much easier. Instead of emailing individual files or photos to friends—which can be time consuming and cumbersome—you can simply give them access to a link to the specific files in your cloud storage that you want them to see. It’s safe, secure and private!

For more basic information on the cloud, how to use it and what it can do for you, visit CF Learn. For advice on choosing between different cloud storage options, visit Time.

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