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Posted in Foresters Member Benefits, Community | January 2015

Where is she now?

Membership Matters

Foresters is proud to contribute to the opportunities that education can bring to individuals, families and communities. We hope to help cultivate the next generation of leaders and community volunteers while providing financial assistance to students as they work towards their educational goals. That’s why each year, the Foresters Competitive Scholarship Program1 offers up to 250 tuition scholarships for higher learning worth up to $8,000 each in the US and Canada.

Brooklyn was one of our 2014 Scholarship recipients. She just finished her very first semester at South Dakota State University where she is currently planning to major in speech communication and minor in art and journalism.

“Life is completely different than it was in high school,” she said when asked what life is like as a first-year university student. “There is so much freedom. You don’t have an everyday schedule set up for you, you decide everything; whether you go to class, study or not, eat healthy, go to the gym, and how much sleep you get. You have to really think about what you’re going to do with your life and how you’re going to reach your goals.”

Brooklyn is also trying to balance her studies with extracurricular activities in order to get the most from her post-secondary experience. She is involved in the Honors College Student Organization (HSCO) and is proud to be the only female member on her Ultimate Frisbee Club team. While she still maintains her involvement in her home-based holiday light show in order to raise money for charity during the holiday season, being involved with HSCO has given her opportunities to do volunteer work on campus too, like helping out with a recent food drive.
As for her long-term goals, now that she has one semester under her belt, Brooklyn says, “My career aspirations have slightly changed. I am more focused on speech communication—I am still considering speech communication with a specialization in education. Teaching hasn’t been completely put out of the picture!”

She’s incredibly busy—and still trying to figure out how to squeeze in a good night’s sleep—but she is as grateful as ever for her Foresters Scholarship. “I knew going into college that it would help a lot with the cost, but I have realized that it is a tremendous help with the cost of schooling. Hearing what some of the other students have to go through with loans, and different ways of paying for school makes me very grateful for the generous scholarship Foresters has awarded me!”

When asked what advice she would give to other students hoping to receive a Foresters Scholarship, Brooklyn offered these words of wisdom: “I would say to just try to be your best self, and put forth your best effort! Join that club you’ve always wanted to try, aim for that 100% on that test, go to the Humane Society and help out if you have an extra hour. Aim to really master the art of trying new things, as you never know what opportunities will arise from them! School is still very important, so keep aiming high and trying your hardest. Overall, just go out and volunteer! Connections will get you a long way in your future, so start as soon as possible! Being a well-rounded person will go a long way!”

And if anyone knows about being well rounded, it’s Brooklyn.

Scholarship applications for the 2015/16 school year will be accepted online until February 27. Visit to apply or for important information including eligibility requirements, selection criteria and important dates.

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