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Posted in Your Community, Foresters Member Benefits | March 2015

Getting to know our new partner


It’s nice to find out more about a new friend when you first meet, so we’ve compiled some interesting facts about the Red Cross to help us all get more acquainted.

  1. The American Red Cross was founded by a woman. Upon returning home from visiting Europe following the American Civil War, Clara Barton campaigned for an American Red Cross. She had seen first-hand what the Swiss-inspired global Red Cross network had done in Europe and knew having a similar organization in the United States would be incredibly valuable. She went on to lead the American Red Cross for 23 years. She resigned as president in 1904 at the age of 83.
  2. The Red Cross introduced the first nationwide civilian blood program. That program now collects, processes and distributes about 40 percent of the nation’s blood supply—approximately 5.3 million units of blood each year from 3.1 million volunteer blood donors.
  3. The Red Cross helped survivors of one of the most infamous sea disasters. After the sinking of the Titanic, the Red Cross came to the aid of those who survived the tragic ordeal.
  4. The Red Cross is a charitable organization. Because it’s not a government organization, the Red Cross relies on volunteers and the generosity of citizens to perform its mission, which is to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.
  5. The American Red Cross serves members of the military, veterans  and their families across the country and around the world.  You can find Red Cross staff providing services to the military community in your local communities and on U.S. military installations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.
  6. You can get the training you need to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies through the Red Cross. The Red Cross has a wide array of Lifeguarding, Caregiving and Babysitting, Swimming and Water Safety Courses available. Visit Health and Safety Training and Education for more information.
  7. More than 5.6million people learn emergency skills through the Red Cross every year. You can take training courses like First Aid, CPR and AED training to learn life-saving skills. Visit Training and Certification for more information.
  8. The Red Cross has a Scientific Advisory Council. Behind every American Red Cross health and safety training program stands a team of experts ensuring what is taught is based on the latest and best in emergency science. The 50+ member panel of nationally-recognized medical, scientific, and academic experts is dedicated to ensuring that the Red Cross is at the vanguard of best-science and best-practice.
  9. The Red Cross wants you to be prepared. Visit Prepare for Emergencies to find out about the training, programs and educational materials designed to help you cope with a wide variety of challenges you may face from the threat of an emergency.
  10. You can share your Red Cross Story. If the Red Cross has touched you or your family in any way, share your story by visiting Real Life Stories.

To explore all the Red Cross has to offer and learn more about this wonderful organization, visit The American Red Cross.


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