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Posted in Food and Recipes | May 2013

Make something yum for mom!

mother’s day ideas
Mothers are known for the ways they nurture and care for pretty much everyone around them, and one of the ways they often do that is by making delicious homemade meals and treats. Who hasn’t walked into a mom’s house to find it filled with the scent of cookies fresh out of the oven?

On Mother’s Day, why not take the opportunity to repay your mom—or any mom you care about—by making her something special? If your own mom is no longer with you, maybe there’s another mother that means a lot to you who would appreciate a special and unexpected treat. Perhaps it’s a neighbor who has just become a new mom, someone who has always felt like a mother to you, someone struggling to become a mom, or even someone who isn’t a mother but cares for the people around her as though she were.

Try making one of these sweet treats from The Food Network for a mother you care about:

Molten flourless cupcakes

Paula’s loaded oatmeal cookies

Coconut cake

Or make a “moveable feast” for mom! Prep and assemble a portable meal, like her favorite casserole, then deliver it fresh to her door! All she’ll have to do is pop it in the oven to finish cooking or to re-heat, as the case may be.

Butternut squash lasagna

Creamy chicken and mushroom pot pie

Easy beefy cheesy enchilada casserole

Don’t forget freezer meals! Older moms who aren’t physically able to cook as often as they used to would definitely appreciate a few healthy frozen meals portioned out in one or two servings, depending upon how many people they normally cook for. Fannie Farmer’s macaroni and cheese is a decadent and simple treat you can tuck into mom’s freezer for her to bake up later!

Whatever mom you decide to honor with a little love from your kitchen, know that it will be much appreciated by a woman who has always given her all for the ones she loves.

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