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Posted in Food and Recipes | October 2015

Make something sweet for a friend

National Dessert Day

The tradition of having dessert at the end of a delicious meal is centuries old. In fact, our history of eating sweets dates back to ancient civilizations that candied fruits and nuts with honey. 1Desserts have evolved quite a bit since then, and we owe many of our beloved sweet traditions to the manufacturing of sugar which began in the middle ages.

A celebration of that rich, delicious history takes place every year on National Dessert Day celebrated on October 14. With the cooler weather on the way, it’s the perfect time of year to head inside and spend some time making or baking something sweet for friends, family or even that nice neighbor who waves hello each morning.

In celebration of this sweet day, why not try one of these recipes and deliver a sugary surprise to someone you care about:

If your intended dessert recipient happens to be diabetic, there’s no reason for them to be left out! Try one of the 29 delicious brownie and bar recipes on Diabetic Living, or visit Reader’s Digest for 10 delectable diabetes-friendly dessert recipes.

While you’re planning your National Dessert Day festivities, consider organizing a Foresters Cookies with Care event. Spend a fun afternoon baking cookies at your local Ronald McDonald House for families staying there in order to be closer to their seriously ill child who is in hospital. There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm, freshly baked cookies right out of the oven to lift spirits and make people feel more at home. Visit to find out more about organizing a Foresters Cookies With Care event near you.

Whatever sweet fun you get up to on National Dessert Day, enjoy the delicious celebration!



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