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Posted in Food and Recipes, Family and Friends, Your Family | June 2015

Cook a Father’s Day feast

They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it just makes sense to treat one of the most special men in your life to a wonderful dinner on June 21 as a way of demonstrating that he’s always in your heart.

There are a few different ways you can approach your Father’s Day dinner.

  • Make all of Dad’s favorites using old family recipes.How you serve the dinner depends on what kind of meal it is and what kind of dad you have! You could pull out the old family china and make it a fancy experience, or head out into the yard and eat on paper plates to make it fun and casual.
  • Invite the whole family for a big feast on Father’s Day.
  • Ask Dad to choose the recipes he’d like you to make, and make sure he includes appetizers and a delicious dessert!
  • Make a meal based something your dad loves. If he’s a big baseball fan, make a fun ballpark meal with barbecued foot-long hotdogs, his favorite cold drinks, and some caramel corn for dessert. If he loves fishing try one of these fish recipes from Simple Recipes and follow up the meal with this adorable seashore-themed JELL-O Beach Dessert . If he’s a movie buff, give him a copy of his favorite flick and match the items on your menu to the theme of the movie.
  • Whisk him away without having to leave home! If your dad loves exotic foods, make him a dinner from different cuisines around the world. You could do a fusion-style menu and make it an “around the world in four courses” meal by choosing recipes from different parts of the world for each course, or just pick one exotic locale and focus your menu around that place. Check out AllRecipes for recipes from around the world.

If that’s not enough food fodder, try browsing Taste of Home’s Father Day recipe collection for more delicious ideas.

If your dad is no longer living or isn’t present in your life, there are still lovely ways to mark Father’s Day that honor this special relationship. You could make a meal for another important man in your life, particularly one who feels like a dad to you, or one you just want to thank for being such an important part of your life. You could donate to a local food bank or local soup kitchen, knowing that there are probably lots of dads there in need of a hearty, healthy meal. Or you could make your dad’s favorite dinner in his memory and invite your family over to toast him and the impact he had on your lives.

However you decide to honor the man you call Dad, remember that your love-fueled efforts will be appreciated more than you’ll probably ever know.

Happy Father’s Day!

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