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Posted in Food and Recipes | October 2014

Celebrate with a slice

Whether you’re a simple cheese and sauce-type pizza eater, or you like the works, chances are there’s a version of this versatile and delicious meal that you crave. That’s why every fan of pizza will be happy to know that October is National Pizza month!

The history of pizza isn’t easy to trace, but according to Passion 4 Pizza, while some inspiration may have come from both ancient Egypt and Greece, the pizza we know and love today is 100% Italian. And we do love our pizza! There are an estimated 63, 000 pizzerias in the United States alone, and 94% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month.1

While we don’t suggest forgoing your normal, balanced meals for a 31-day diet of pizza, there are certainly some fun ways to celebrate this humble but popular savory pie during the month of October.

  • Host a make-your-own pizza party. Give every guest a blank canvas (a personal-sized round of pizza dough), provide a variety of toppings for them to choose from , and let them create their own customized pizzas. Try serving a dessert pizza (brownie pizza, anyone?) to round out the meal (pardon the pun).
  • Share the love. Surprise someone in need with a piping hot pizza. A new mom and dad, an elderly neighbor on a pension, or a friend who’s feeling blue might enjoy a pizza dinner on you. You could even purchase gift certificates from your favorite pizza parlor and donate them to a food bank or shelter.
  • Forgo takeout. Not that there’s anything wrong with dialing your local joint and having a pie delivered to your house, but do a little research to find out where the best pizza in town is made and visit that pizzeria in person. You might be surprised to discover a new favorite!
  • Have pizza for game night! Make and play The Pizza Game, a fun family game that starts with a little crafting and ends with the thrill of victory. The object of this dice game is to make your own pizza (using the “pizza toppings” you’ve made out of felt or colored paper) before the other players do.
  • Try something a little different.

However you choose to indulge, enjoy this tasty month-long celebration!

For more interesting pizza inspiration visit Home Ideas, and for a no-fail pizza crust recipe visit Mommy’s Kitchen .



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