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Posted in Food and Recipes | December 2014

A little lovin’ from the oven

Bake Cookies Day
What could be sweeter than heading into the kitchen during the holidays to bake homemade cookies for the ones you love? Christmas falls on the 25th, Kwanzaa kicks off on December 26, and Bake Cookies Day is conveniently nestled in the middle of it all on December 18. So no matter what you celebrate, this year you can do it with cookies!

Baking is a wonderful way to spend quality time with family and friends, and little ones will never forget those magical moments in the kitchen during the holiday season. Make it even more worthwhile by baking large batches so everyone involved gets to take home some of the fruits of their labor. Most cookie recipes can be easily doubled or tripled, depending upon how many you hope to make.

Classic cookies like big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies, the simple and comforting oatmeal cookie or cinnamon-spiced snickerdoodles are all wonderful options for a family baking day. But if you want to tailor your cookies to the holidays you’ll be celebrating, check out these festive recipe ideas:

Christmas cookie collections

Hanukkah cookies

While Hanukkah is traditionally celebrated with foods fried in large quantities of oil (like fritters or doughnuts) in commemoration of the miracle of the oil, adding cookies to the holiday table is a sweet way to add a delicious new tradition to your family gathering. Check out these lovely Hanukkah cookie ideas:

Kwanzaa cookies

  • Benne wafers—sweet sesame seed cookies—are a traditional Kwanzaa treat. There are many Benne wafer recipes online to choose from, so take a look at ,, and Simply Recipes for a little inspiration.
  • Sprinkle Bakes has a recipe for colorful spiral cookies that could be easily customized to incorporate the traditional Kwanzaa colors red, black and green.
  • has a recipe for African ginger cake, which actually isn’t cake at all, but spicy, buttery cookies that originated in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Cookies also make fantastic gifts—and ‘tis the season—so check out Better Homes and Gardens for 26 gorgeous and creative ways to wrap up your cookies and other homemade treats that will make them look as good as they taste!

No matter what festive treat you decide to whip up on December 18, enjoy the time spent with family and friends making delicious memories.

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