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Posted in Feature, Foresters Member Benefits | January 2015

We won!

We won

Foresters is not your traditional life insurance provider. As a Foresters member, you’re part of an organization that offers you and your family an opportunity to live for today, plan for tomorrow and make a difference along the way. We also like to give our members special chances to win some great prizes all year long, because having unexpected things to celebrate brings joy and excitement to life.

Jeffrey B. was one of 5 “Sign Up to Win” summer campaign winners. He signed up for between July 2 and August 15, 2014 and was automatically entered into our random draw.

“As you know, we are in economic hard times—especially for the younger generation,” Jeffrey said. “I have grown children in their late 20s and early 30s, and I was able to help one of my children through a rough time by giving her a withdrawal from the ‘Bank of Dad.’ Without the $500 win, I would have otherwise had to turn her down or give her less than she really needed. So the amount came at just the right time for us to help out where it was needed, and we thank Foresters for that.”
He is grateful for the win, but is also intrigued by what Foresters has to offer. “I will be looking at Foresters website as I start to draw closer to retirement,” he stated. “It seems like Foresters is more than just an entity that takes your money. They make an effort to give you more information and provide the tools to use that information.”
Mary Lou G., one of 8 prizewinners in our spring “Sign Up to Win” contest, has a similar impression about the value Foresters brings to its members. “I’m so grateful to be a winner,” she enthused, “and to know that Foresters is not just a life insurance company, but a company that cares about people and wants to teach us to get the most out of life and be healthy to enjoy the golden years ahead.”

Mary Lou won a 16GB Apple iPad, and is enjoying every moment with it. “I love my iPad. I use it every day to keep in touch with friends and family, and I use the internet for recipes and planning vacation. I brought it with me to Niagara Falls—it takes great pictures!”
Russell L. also won an iPad in the spring, and is very happy to know that Foresters offers prize-winning opportunities to its members throughout the year. “It’s nice to see that Foresters gives back to its members,” he said, “and the prize means a lot to me!”

In addition to our seasonal “Sign Up to Win” contests, Foresters awarded prizes to members who completed surveys throughout 2014 via our Foresters Opinion Panel. Membership Matters readers may also remember having the chance to share their stories and recipes on Facebook for a chance to win in October and November.

Congratulations to everyone who won in 2014! To see the full list of winners and the prizes they were awarded, visit

Make sure to watch for more great Foresters promotions throughout 2015!

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