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Posted in Family and Friends, Your Family | October 2015

Why should kids get all the tricks and treats?

Kids tricks and treats

It’s natural for people to think of Halloween as a children’s holiday—they are the ones going door to door looking for sweets and treats that night, after all—but there’s no reason adults have to be left out in the cold as far as celebrating this ghoulishly fun night goes! Why not send out some invitations, put on a costume and have a hauntingly good time with your grown-up fiends, uh, friends!

It’s Halloween, so pretty much any costume will do, but if you have creative and willing friends, it’s fun to raise the bar and go all out:

  • Have a costume parade through your building or neighborhood. Make sure to be respectful of the neighbors (don’t go out too late or be too loud or scary), and consider passing out candy as you go to spread the Halloween cheer!
  • Have an award for the best costume. Set up a voting box with ballots and ask everyone to write down their favorite costume. At the end of the night count the ballots and give the winning costume wearer a suitable “prize” for his or her accomplishment. A bag of Halloween candy, bottle of wine or a Halloween-themed candle or dish towel would be a fun way to reward the winner.
  • Make it a theme night. If your friends are history buffs, ask everyone to dress in period costume. If they’re comic book lovers, tell them to arrive as their favorite super hero. If they’re literature aficionados, suggest they come as their favorite author or literary character.
  • Be culturally sensitive when choosing a costume and asking other to choose theirs. Many racially, ethnically or culturally based costumes are actually offensive to the people that those costumes represent. Be respectful and choose a costume that’s fun, not hurtful.
  • Opt for homemade costume. has many fantastic homemade costume inspirations to fit your budget.

It’s not a party without food, so consider getting a little creative with your spread and offer Halloween-themed dishes like these to your unsuspecting guests:

  • 19 Halloween appetizer ideas from Southern Living including “monster eye” sausage balls and onion-bacon dip served in a gourd.
  • 12 Halloween finger food ideas from All You, including ghost shaped corn bread cutouts that would be the perfect accompaniment to a spicy bowl of chili.
  • Sweet endings and frightful cocktail ideas from The Cooking Channel. Severed-hand sangria, anyone?

Since you won’t have to worry about scaring any little ones, you can be as spooky and as downright ghoulish as you want with your décor. Chalk outlines (made with masking tape), bloody handprints (created with washable finger paint) and artfully placed dollar store skeletons will amp up the ick factor.

You can also opt for a classic orange and black theme, with a few bats and fake spider webs thrown in for good measure, and keep the gore to a minimum. For a little inspiration, visit Country Living  for 13 magical vintage Halloween décor ideas.

Halloween is a fun holiday designed to make you feel like a kid again, so send your friends home with little bags of candy and memories they’ll always remember this October 31.

Happy haunting!


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